Digital Library of FMUSP-HC System: the OPI (Intellectual Production Observatory) is a institutional repository created with the objective of concentrating the technical-scientific production from the College of Medicine of University of São Paulo (FMUSP), Hospital of Medicine of FMUSP and other associated institutions. This repository is committed to collect, organize, preserve and to make accessible this production in order to contribute to knowledge management related to scientific research in the area of Life Sciences and Health.

Through the initiative of centralizing scientific production, it seeks to promote wide and easy access to the researches developed at the System FMUSP-HC, promoting contact between universities, research centers and society. The OPI consists of communities identified by large areas of knowledge and sub-communities specified according to the organizational structure of the FMUSP-HC, making easier for the user to search and directing him to the productions of his interest.

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  • CASTROA, Talita; FINK, Maria Cristina Domingues; FIGUEIREDO, Marilia; BRAZ-SILVA, Paulo Henrique; PANNUTI, Claudio Mendes; ORTEGA, Karem Lopez; GALLOTTINI, Marina (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, 2017)
    Background: New clinical approaches to diagnose and monitor individuals with systemic diseases have been employed through the use of oral fluids. Polyomavirus BK (BKPyV) and JC (JCPyV) infect asymptomatically around 80% ...
  • ROSSETTO, Erika Valeska; LUNA, Expedito Jose de Albuquerque (INST MEDICINA TROPICAL SAO PAULO, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, 2016)
  • ROSSETTO, Erika Valeska; LUNA, Expedito Jose de Albuquerque (INST MEDICINA TROPICAL SAO PAULO, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, 2016)
    Influenza A viruses undergo frequent antigenic mutations and may thus cause seasonal epidemics and pandemics. The aim of this study was to recover the epidemiological history of the pandemic influenza A(H1N1) pdm09 in ...
  • CHAGAS, Carolina Romeiro Fernandes; VALKIUNAS, Gediminas; GUIMARAES, Lilian de Oliveira; MONTEIRO, Eliana Ferreira; GUIDA, Fernanda Junqueira Vaz; SIMOES, Roseli Franca; RODRIGUES, Priscila Thihara; LUNA, Expedito Jose de Albuquerque; KIRCHGATTER, Karin (BIOMED CENTRAL LTD, LONDON, ENGLAND, 2017)
    Background: The role of zoos in conservation programmes has increased significantly in last decades, and the health of captive animals is essential to guarantee success of such programmes. However, zoo birds suffer from ...
  • NOGUEIRA, Monica P.; QUEIROZ, Ana C. D. B. F.; MELANDA, Alessandro G.; TEDESCO, Ana P.; BRANDAO, Antonio L. G.; BELING, Claudio; VIOLANTE JR., Francisco H.; BRANDAO, Gilberto F.; FERREIRA, Laura F. A.; BRAMBILA, Leandro S.; LEITE, Leopoldina M.; ZABEU, Jose L.; KIM, Jung H.; FERNANDES, Kalyana E.; ARIMA, Marcia A. S.; AGUILAR, Maria D. P. Q.; FARIAS FILHO, Orlando C. D.; OLIVEIRA FILHO, Oscar B. D. A.; PINHO, Solange d. S.; MOULIN, Paulo; VOLPI, Reinaldo; FOX, Mark; GREENWALD, Miles F.; LYLE, Brandon; MORCUENDE, Jose A. (LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, PHILADELPHIA, USA, 2017)
    Background: The Ponseti method has been shown to be the most effective treatment for congenital clubfoot. The current challenge is to establish sustainable national clubfoot treatment programs that utilize the Ponseti ...

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