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  • SILVESTRE, Marilene Chaves; SATO, Maria Notomi; REIS, Vitor Manoel Silva dos (SOC BRASILEIRA DERMATOLOGIA, RIO DE JANEIRO RJ, BRAZIL, 2018)
    Skin's innate immunity is the initial activator of immune response mechanisms, influencing the development of adaptive immunity. Some contact allergens are detected by Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and inflammasome NLR3. ...
  • ALMEIDA, Rafael Ribeiro; RAPOSO, Rui Andre Saraiva; COIRADA, Fernanda Caroline; SILVA, Jamile Ramos da; FERREIRA, Luis Carlos de Souza; KALIL, Jorge; NIXON, Douglas F.; CUNHA-NETO, Edecio (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, NEW YORK, USA, 2015)
    DNA vaccines have failed to induce satisfactory immune responses in humans. Several mechanisms of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) sensing have been described, and modulate DNA vaccine immunogenicity at many levels. We hypothesized ...
  • MEDRANO, Ruan Felipe Vieira; CATANI, Joao Paulo Portela; RIBEIRO, Aline Hunger; TOMAZ, Samanta Lopes; MERKEL, Christian A.; COSTANZI-STRAUSS, Eugenia; STRAUSS, Bryan E. (SPRINGER, NEW YORK, USA, 2016)
    Previously, we combined p19(Arf) (Cdkn2a, tumor suppressor protein) and interferon beta (IFN-beta, immunomodulatory cytokine) gene transfer in order to enhance cell death in a murine model of melanoma. Here, we present ...
  • VARSANI, Hemlata; CHARMAN, Susan C.; LI, Charles K.; MARIE, Suely K. N.; AMATO, Anthony A.; BANWELL, Brenda; BOVE, Kevin E.; CORSE, Andrea M.; EMSLIE-SMITH, Alison M.; JACQUES, Thomas S.; LUNDBERG, Ingrid E.; MINETTI, Carlo; NENNESMO, Inger; RUSHING, Elisabeth J.; SALLUM, Adriana M. E.; SEWRY, Caroline; PILKINGTON, Clarissa A.; HOLTON, Janice L.; WEDDERBURN, Lucy R. (BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP, LONDON, ENGLAND, 2015)
    Objectives To study muscle biopsy tissue from patients with juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) in order to test the reliability of a score tool designed to quantify the severity of histological abnormalities when applied to ...

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