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    Tratamento de Varizes de Fundo Gástrico
    (2017) LôBO, Maíra Ribeiro de Almeida; CHAVES, Dalton Marques; MOURA, Diogo Turiani Hourneaux de; CHIBA, Eunice Komo; MELO, Jeane Martins; FYLYK, Sonia Nadia
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    Evaluation of the Small Intestine by Video Capsule Endoscopy in Patients Candidates for Liver Transplantation
    (2012) FYLYK, Sonia N.; TOBARU, Andre; MESTIERI, Luiz H.; FARIAS, Alberto Q.; CARRILHO, Flair J.; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto C.; MOURA, Eduardo G. De; SAKAI, Paulo
    Introduction: Recent studies suggest that in cirrhotic patients the small intestine can be affected by the consequences of a system of portal hypertension (PTH). This segment of the gastrointestinal tract, however, is hardly accessible for study. The video capsule endoscopy (VCE) is considered the gold standard exam for the investigation of small bowel diseases, especially vascular diseases of the intestinal mucosa. Objective: Evaluation of the findings of PTH in the mucosa of the small bowel of cirrhotic patients, candidates for liver transplantation (LT). Patients and Methods: Prospective, single-center, controlled study. All patients signed informed consent and the study was approved by the ethics committee. 21 patients were submitted to VCE and esophagogastroduodenoscopy (14 patients with liver cirrhosis candidates to LT and 7 control cases, with normal liver function and no evidence of PTH). Inclusion criteria: - Patients with liver cirrhosis of viral and/or alcoholic etiology and with indication for LT (Child-Pugh score A, B or C and MELD < 20). Patients submitted or not to endoscopic treatment of esophagogastric varices or GAVE. - Patients over 18 years. - Patients who agree to participate in the study. Exclusion criteria: - Patients with history of abdominal surgery and intestinal transit abnormalities. - Intestinal sub-occlusion or suspected gastroparesis. - Patients with congestive heart disease. - Patients with potentially hemorrhagic lesions that can contribute to anemia (ulcers, polyps) and not related to PTH. Results: The mucosal lesions of the small intestine secondary to portal hypertension were more common in cirrhotic patients than in control patients: 13/14 (92.8%) vs. 1/7 (14.2%). The reticular pattern of the mucosa (hypertensive enteropathy) was the most important finding of the cases (10/14 -71.4%), followed by vascular ectasia-like and varices of the jejunum and ileum (7/14 - 50%). Conclusion: This group of patients has significant changes in the mucosa of the small intestine secondary to PTH and this segment of the gastrointestinal tract may represent a site of bleeding, often classified as obscure. The VCE is an important tool for the identification of these lesions, contributing to a more accurate etiologic diagnosis.
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    Diagnóstico de Lesões no Intestino Delgado
    (2017) NOVA, Marianny Nazareth Sulbaran; MINATA, Mauricio Kazuyoshi; FYLYK, Sonia Nadia; SAFATLE-RIBEIRO, Adriana Vaz; ISHIDA, Robson Kiyoshi; KUGA, Rogério
  • bookPart
    Gastrostomia endoscópica percutânea, jejunostomias transgástrica e direta
    (2014) SANTOS, Cíntia Morais Lima dos; FYLYK, Sonia Nadia; HONDO, Fabio Yuji; MOURA, Eduardo Guimarães Hourneaux de
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    Sondas enterais e para ostomias
    (2014) OLIVEIRA, Luciana Lopes de; HONDO, Fabio Yuji; LIMA, Marcelo Simas de; FYLYK, Sonia Nadia
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    Doença intestinal inflamatória
    (2014) BABA, Elisa Ryoka; GOMES, Hélcio Cardoso; UEDA, Sergio Shiguetoshi; FYLYK, Sonia Nadia
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    Cápsula endoscópica: esôfago, intestino delgado e cólon
    (2014) SAKAI, Christiano Makoto; FYLYK, Sonia Nadia; SOUZA, Thiago Ferreira de; MOURA, Eduardo Guimarães Hourneaux de
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    Fisiologia Microbiana Vaginal
    (2017) LINHARES, lara Moreno; FUKAZAWA, Eiko; BARACAT, Edmund Chada