Serum phosphate and hip bone mineral density as additional factors for high vascular calcification scores in a community-dwelling: The Sao Paulo Ageing & Health Study (SPAH)

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BONE, v.52, n.1, p.354-359, 2013
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Objective: To analyze the association between abdominal aortic calcification scores (AACS) and bone metabolism parameters in a well-characterized general population of older adults. Background: Several studies suggest a link between bone mineral metabolism disorders and vascular calcification; although only few of them analyze bone mineral density(BMD), laboratory bone markers and cardiovascular parameters at the same time and none were done in a miscegenated population. Methods: This cross-sectional study included 815 subjects >= 65 years old. The risk factors for osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease as well as a wide array of demographic and lifestyle characteristics were collected using a standardized questionnaire. BMD was measured by DXA. Kauppila's method was used to quantify the MC score (AACS) by spine X-rays. Laboratory analyses were also performed. Results: MC was observed in 63.2% of subjects with a median AACS of 2 (IQR: 0-7). AACS were categorized in quartiles and the highest quartile of AACS (>7) were compared with the three lower quartiles of AACS (<= 7). Logistic regression analysis was performed using parameters with statistical significance in the univariate analysis. The best logistic regression model revealed that AACS>7 was negatively associated with femoral neck BMD and positively associated with phosphorus, adjusted by age, current smoking, LDL, and arterial hypertension in the elderly community-dwelling population. Conclusions: We identified that higher serum phosphate levels and lower hip BMD are independent bone variables that are associated with elevated vascular calcification scores, supporting the search for effective prevention and treatment strategies that may simultaneously reduce these modifiable risk factors in older subjects.
Serum phosphate, Bone mineral density, Vascular calcification
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