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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Prospective study of biomarkers in squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal (SCCAC) and their influence on treatment outcomes: Final results.MONIZ, Camila Motta Venchiarutti; RIECHELMANN, Rachel Pimenta; RIBEIRO, Suilane Coelho; RIVELLI, Thomas Giollo; BARIANI, Giovanni Mendonca; CHEN, Andre; FRANCO, Rejane; NAHAS, Caio; PEREIRA, Allan Andresson Lima; ORTEGA, Cintia; SABBAGA, Jorge; MEIRELES, Sibele; COUDRY, Renata A.; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo
2017Does chemotherapy work in reversal of malignant obstruction due to gastric cancer?SANTOS, Vanessa Montes; AZEVEDO, Renata Gondim Meira Velame; LOPEZ, Rossana Veronica Mendoza; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo; SABBAGA, Jorge; GLASBERG, Joao
2019Colorectal cancer (CRC) among very elderly (> 80 yo) patients (pts): A Brazilian single institution cohort.TEXEIRA, Marcela Crosara Alves; MOURA, Kelsen; CABRAL, Pedro; SILVA, Suelen Medeiros; PEREIRA, Allan Andresson Lima; COSTA, Frederico; SABAGGA, Jorge; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo; FERNANDES, Gustavo Dos Santos
2012Metronomic chemotherapy (MC): Results of two feasibility trials in patients (pts) with HER2 positive (HER2+) and negative (HER2-) locally advanced breast cancer (LABC)PETRY, Vanessa; LEAL, Alessandro; ARAI, Roberto J.; PIATO, Jose R.; ANDRADE, Felipe; PAIVA, Marcelo; FERRAZ, Marcio R.; MARINHO, Simone; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo; MANO, Max S.
2012Excision repair cross-complementary group 1 (ERCC1) as a prognostic biomarker in patients (pts) with solid tumors: A meta-analysis on detection methodsMAK, Milena Perez; TAKAHASHI, Tiago Kenji; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo; CASTRO, Gilberto; SNITCOVSKY, Igor M. L.
2012Self-reported conflicts of interest (sfCOI) of authors and the interpretation of randomized phase III trials (RCT) and related editorials (REd) in cancer researchBARIANI, Giovanni Mendonca; FERRARI, Anezka Carvalho Rubin De Celis; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo; RIECHELMANN, Rachel
2012A randomized phase III trial exploring the use of long-acting release octreotide in the prevention of chemotherapy-induced diarrhea in patients with colorectal cancer: The LARCID trial.HOFF, Paulo Marcelo; SARAGIOTTO, Daniel Fernandes; BARRIOS, Carlos H.; GIGLIO, Auro Del; COUTINHO, Anelisa Kruschewsky; ANDRADE, Aline C.; DUTRA, Carolina; FORONES, Nora; CORREA, Mariangela; PORTELLA, Maria Socorro; PASSOS, Vanessa Q.; CHINEN, Renata N.; EYLL, Brigitte van
2012Use of bevacizumab to reduce the rate of oxaliplatin-induced thrombocytopenia and splenomegaly.OVERMAN, Michael J.; GEORGE, Binsah; KALIL, Karime; FERRAROTTO, Renata; ENG, Cathy; GARRETT, Chris R.; LOYER, Evelyn; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo; CHARNSANGAVEJ, Chusilp; KOPETZ, Scott
2012Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTBD) in patients (pts) with advanced solid malignancies: Clinical outcomes and prognostic factorsCROSARA, Marcela Alves Teixeira; MAK, Milena P.; MARQUES, Daniel Fernandes; CAPARELI-AZEVEDO, Fernanda C.; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo
2016The expression profile of biomarkers in squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal and their influence on treatment outcomes: Preliminary resultsMONIZ, Camila Motta Venchiarutti; RIECHELMANN, Rachel Pimenta; RIBEIRO, Suilane Coelho; BARIANI, Giovanni Mendonca; RIVELLI, Thomas Giollo; ORTEGA, Cintia; PEREIRA, Allan Andresson Lima; MEIRELES, Sibele Inacio; CHEN, Andre; NAHAS, Caio; SABAGGA, Jorge; COUDRY, Renata A.; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo