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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Exploratory Learning with Convolutional Autoencoder for Discrimination of Architectural Distortion in Digital MammographyOLIVEIRA, Helder C. R. de; MELO, Carlos F. E.; CATANI, Juliana H.; BARROS, Nestor de; VIEIRA, Marcelo A. da Costa
2019Detection of Architectural Distortion with Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Data Augmentation of Limited DatasetCOSTA, Arthur C.; OLIVEIRA, Helder C. R.; CATANI, Juliana H.; BARROS, Nestor de; MELO, Carlos F. E.; VIEIRA, Marcelo A. C.
2013Preparation of new [[Tc-99m](MeOBzEN)(H2O)(CO)(3)](+) complexes and in vitro evaluation as potential tumor diagnostic radiopharmaceuticalRADIN, Adriano; MARQUES, Fabio Luiz Navarro; NAGAI, Maria Aparecida; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos Alberto
2018Reduction of false-positives in a CAD scheme for automated detection of architectural distortion in digital mammographyOLIVEIRA, Helder C. R. de; MENCATTINI, Arianna; CASTI, Paola; MARTINELLI, Eugenio; NATALE, Corrado di; CATANI, Juliana H.; BARROS, Nestor de; MELO, Carlos F. E.; GONZAGA, Adilson; VIEIRA, Marcelo A. C.
2016Multimodal Whole Brain Registration: MRI and High Resolution HistologyALEGRO, Maryana; AMARO- JR., Edson; LORING, Burlen; HEINSEN, Helmut; ALHO, Eduardo; ZOLLEI, Lilla; USHIZIMA, Daniela; GRINBERG, Lea T.
2017A New Texture Descriptor Based on Local Micro-Pattern for Detection of Architectural Distortion in Mammographic ImagesOLIVEIRA, Helder C. R. de; MORAES, Diego R.; RECHE, Gustavo A.; BORGES, Lucas R.; CATANI, Juliana H.; BARROS, Nestor de; MELO, Carlos F. E.; GONZAGA, Adilson; VIEIRA, Marcelo A. C.
2022Development and Characterization of a Transceiver Solenoid RF Coil for MRI Acquisition of Ex Situ Brain Samples at 7 TeslasSANTOS, L. G. C.; CHAIM, K. T.; PAPOTI, D.
2022Effect of Light Emitted by Diode as Treatment of RadiodermatitisCAMARGO, Cristina Pires; CARVALHO, H. A.; GEMPERLI, R.; TABUSE, Cindy Lie; SANTOS, Pedro Henrique Gianjoppe dos; GONCALES, Lara Andressa Ordonhe; REGO, Carolina Lopo; SILVA, B. M.; TEIXEIRA, M. H. A. S.; FEITOSA, Y. O.; VIDEIRA, F. H. P.; CAMPELLO, G. A.
2021Texture-based classification of lung disease patterns in chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis and comparison to clinical outcomesPENNATI, F.; ALIBONI, L.; ANTONIAZZA, A.; BERETTA, D.; DIAS, O.; BALDI, B. G.; SAWAMURA, M.; CHATE, R. C.; CARVALHO, C. R. R. De; ALBUQUERQUE, A.; ALIVERTI, A.
2019Clinical Practice and Outcomes of Palliative Radiation Therapy in Pediatric Oncology Patients: An International Comparison of Experiences from Two Distinct Countries and Health Care SystemsRAO, Avani D.; FIGUEIREDO, Maria Luisa; YEGYA-RAMAN, Nikhil; CHEN, Qinyu; ALCORN, Sara; CHEN, Michael; LADRA, Matthew; VILLAR, Rosangela; TEREZAKIS, Stephanie