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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Neuroimaging profile in pediatric Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders (NMOSD)PAOLILO, R.; RIMKUS, C. D. M.; PAZ, J. A.; APOSTOLOS-PEREIRA, S. L.; ARAUJO, A. L. P. C.; GOMES, A. B.; VENTURA, L. M. Gomes De Brito; PITOMBEIRA, M. S.; MATOS, A. D. M. B.; REED, U. C.; CALLEGARO, D.; SATO, D. K.
2017Neuromyelitis optica phenotype associated with anti-TNF therapy in psoriatic arthritisBOAVENTURA, M.; PEREIRA, S. Apostolos; RIMKUS, C.; SATO, D.; CALLEGARO, D.
2017Executive functioning and outpatient treatment adherence after intensive inpatient care in cocaine dependence: A six-month follow-up studyGONCALVES, Priscila Dib; OMETTO, Mariella; MALBERGIER, Andre; MARTINS, Paula; BERALDO, Livia; SANTOS, Bernardo; NICASTRI, Sergio; ANDRADE, Arthur; CUNHA, Paulo Jannuzzi
2017Semantic fluency impairment in unilateral mesial temporal sclerosis related epilepsy is associated with extensive white matter involvement: a diffusion tensor imaging studyPERES, Matheus; CASTRO, Bettina; MESSAS, Cristiane; MARTUCCI, Caio; CHAIM, Khalil; PASTORELLO, Bruno; VALERIO, Rosa; JORGE, Carmen; LYRA, Katarina; OTADUY, Maria; LEITE, Claudia; CASTRO, Luiz