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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Comparison of CKD-EPI, MDRD and Cockcroft-Gault to estimate baseline renal function in patients with head & neck and thoracic cancersCASTRIA, T. B.; BITTON, R. C.; AMARAL, A. A.; LOLLO, J. G.; SILVA, V. T. Costa e; BURDMANN, E.; HOFF, P. M.; CASTRO JR., G.
2013Predicting adverse outcomes after cisplatin administration in head & neck and thoracic cancerBITTON, R. C.; CASTRIA, T. B.; AMARAL, A. A.; LOLLO, J. G.; SILVA, V. T. Costa e; BUDMANN, E.; HOFF, P. M.; CASTRO JR., G.
2013Palliative chemotherapy in patients with malignant bowel obstructionMUNIZ, D. Q.; MAK, M. P.; BITTON, R. C.; TAKAHASHI, T. K.; SARAGIOTTO, D. F.; ABDO, E.; SABBAGA, J.; HOFF, P. M.
2013Malignancy-related hypercalcemia in the bisphosphonate eraALVES, M. F. S.; MAK, M. P.; PIOTTO, G. H. M.; TAKAHASHI, T. K.; RAMOS, R. E. O.; FONSECA, L. G.; SILVINO, M.; MANO, M. S.; HOFF, P. M.; CASTRO JR., G.
2013Risk factors for severe complications during febrile neutropenic episodes in patients with solid tumorsMARTINS, R.; CECOTTI, H. C.; PIERROTTI, L. C.; ABDALA, E.; HOFF, P. M.; CASTRO, G.
2013Lack of association between ERCC1 expression in biliary tract malignancy and response to chemotherapyBRAGHIROLI, M.; DIB, L.; MIRANDA, V.; SIQUEIRA, S.; HOFF, P. M.; RIECHELMANN, R.
2013Definitive chemoradiotherapy (CRT) for advanced cervical cancer (CC): Should it be different in elderly?CAIRES, I. Q. S.; CAIRES-LIMA, R.; BARROSO-SOUZA, R.; OLIVEIRA, J. A. De; SOUZA, K. T.; NEGRAO, M. V.; CARVALHO, H.; ABDO FILHO, E.; HOFF, P. M.; DIZ, M. D. P. E.
2013Should patients with advanced colorectal cancer and ECOG 3/4 be treated with chemotherapy?CROSARA, M. A. T.; MARQUES, D. F.; FERRARI, A. C.; ALVES, M. F. S.; ALEX, A. K.; SABBAGA, J.; HOFF, P. M.; RICHELMANN, R. P.
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