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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Preparation of new [[Tc-99m](MeOBzEN)(H2O)(CO)(3)](+) complexes and in vitro evaluation as potential tumor diagnostic radiopharmaceuticalRADIN, Adriano; MARQUES, Fabio Luiz Navarro; NAGAI, Maria Aparecida; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos Alberto
2013Initial results of stereotactic linear accelerator based irradiation for pituitary adenomaCAMPOS, A. De; MUSOLINO, N. R. C.; CUNHA NETO, M. B. C.; SOUZA, E. C.; LEAL, S. C.; CESCATO, V. A. S.; CARVALHO, I. T.; VILLAR, R. C.; NADALIN, W.; WELTMAN, E.
2013Validation of the Score Index for Radiosurgery (SIR) in Predicting Survival of Patients With Brain Metastases Submitted to RadiosurgeryBRAGA, H. Faria; CARVALHO, I. T.; CHEN, A. T. T.; VILLAR, R. C.; SOUZA, E. C.; TEIXEIRA, M. J.; NADALIN, W.; WELTMAN, E.
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