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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Correlation Between the Endoscopic Features of Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy and Contrast-Enhanced Endoscopic UltrasoundMACEDO, George Fred S. de; FERREIRA, Fabio G.; HASHIMOTO, Claudio; CHAMMAS, Maria Cristina; FRANCO, Matheus C.; MEDEIROS, Vitor D.; ROSSINI, Lucio G.
2017High resolution vessel wall magnetic resonance imaging in HIV associated vasculopathyKUBOTA, G. Taricani; FERREIRA, R. de Faria; FIGUEIREDO, T. Rocha; SANTOS, G. Titoneli dos; MORAIS, L. Martins Tavares Scianni; BARBOSA, B. J. Alencar Pires; YAMAMOTO, F. Iuji; GUEDES, B. Fukelmann; CONFORTO, A. Bastos
2017A Longitudinal MRI-Study of the Effects of Lithium on Cortical Thickness and Brain Volume and its Association With Clinical Response in Bipolar DisorderCOSTA, Sabrina Correa da; ZANETTI, Marcus V.; SOUZA, Rafael T.; OTADUY, Maria C.; LEITE, Claudia C.; BUSATTO, Geraldo F.; QUEVEDO, Joao L.; GATTAZ, Wagner F.; SOARES, Jair C.; MACHADO-VIEIRA, Rodrigo
2017Central nervous system germinoma presenting as progressive cerebral hemiatrophy and pituitary enhancementGUEDES, B.; BARBOSA, B.; KUBOTA, G. T.; SOUZA, M. N.; FRASSETO, F.; ONO, C.; LUCATO, L.; NITRINI, R.; SIMABUKURO, M.
2017Biallelic mutation in FDXIL leads to a complex phenotype: optic atrophy, reversible leukoencephalopathy, metabolic myopathy and axonal polyneuropathyGURGEL-GIANNETTI, J.; LYNCH, D.; PAIVA, A.; YAMAMOTO, G.; LUCATO, L.; AMORIM, S.; FREUA, F.; GIANNETTI, A.; RIPA, B.; MONTI, F.; RIBEIRO, M.; KNAAP, M. Van der; OLDFORS, A.; VAINZOF, M.; HOLDEN, H.; KOK, F.
2017Prospective study of biomarkers in squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal (SCCAC) and their influence on treatment outcomes: Final results.MONIZ, Camila Motta Venchiarutti; RIECHELMANN, Rachel Pimenta; RIBEIRO, Suilane Coelho; RIVELLI, Thomas Giollo; BARIANI, Giovanni Mendonca; CHEN, Andre; FRANCO, Rejane; NAHAS, Caio; PEREIRA, Allan Andresson Lima; ORTEGA, Cintia; SABBAGA, Jorge; MEIRELES, Sibele; COUDRY, Renata A.; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo
2017The accuracy of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) using PI-RADS v2 in disease upgrading on re-biopsy among patients with low-risk prostate cancer (PCa) on active surveillance (AS): A Brazilian perspective.VIANA, Pablio C. C.; HORVAT, Natally; GUGLIELMETTI, Giuliano; COELHO, Rafael; NAHAS, William Carlos; PARK, Rubens; BEZERRA, Regis; BASTOS, Diogo Assed; RODRIGUES, Thiana; VARGAS, Hebert Alberto
2017Does chemotherapy work in reversal of malignant obstruction due to gastric cancer?SANTOS, Vanessa Montes; AZEVEDO, Renata Gondim Meira Velame; LOPEZ, Rossana Veronica Mendoza; HOFF, Paulo Marcelo; SABBAGA, Jorge; GLASBERG, Joao
2017Hepatic iron overload analysis bymagnetic resonance imaging in a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease populationFILHO, H. M. L.; FABREGA, P.; CHUA-ANUSORN, W.; OLIVEIRA, C. P.; CARRILHO, F. J.; LIMA, F.; CERCATO, C.; CLARK, P.; ROCHA, M.
2017Assessment of transcranial sonography in traumatic brain injured patients: comparison with cerebral computed tomographyBRASIL, S.; DE-LIMA-OLIVEIRA, M.; OLIVEIRA, R.; PAIVA, W.; BOR-SENG-SHU, E.; TEIXEIRA, M. Jacobsen; MALBOUISSON, M.; BOSSE, E.; EVANGELISTA, M.