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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The accuracy of pathological data for the prediction of insignificant prostate cancerKATZ, Betina; SROUGI, Miguel; CAMARA-LOPES, Luiz H.; ANTUNES, Alberto A.; NESRALLAH, Luciano; NESRALLAH, Adriano; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos; LEITE, Katia R. M.
2012Anatrophic Nephrotomy as Nephron-Sparing Approach for Complete Removal of Intraparenchymal Renal TumorsDALL'OGLIO, Marcos F.; BALLAROTTI, Lucas; PASSEROTTI, Carlo C.; PALUELLO, Davi V.; COLOMBO JUNIOR, Jose Roberto; CRIPPA, Alexandre; SROUGI, Miguel
2012Can we predict which patients will evolve to chronic kidney disease after nephrectomy for cortical renal tumors?TORRICELLI, Fabio Cesar Miranda; DANILOVIC, Alexandre; MARCHINI, Giovanni Scala; SANT'ANNA, Alexandre Crippa; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco; SROUGI, Miguel
2012Robotic-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: initial experience in Brazil and a review of the literaturePASSEROTTI, Carlo Camargo; PESSOA, Rodrigo; CRUZ, Jose Arnaldo Shiomi da; OKANO, Marcelo Takeo; ANTUNES, Alberto Azoubel; NESRALLAH, Adriano Joao; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco; ANDRADE, Enrico; SROUGI, Miguel
2012Immune expression of E-cadherin and alpha, beta and gamma-Catenin adhesion molecules and prognosis for upper urinary tract urothelial carcinomasREIS, Sabrina Thalita dos; LEITE, Katia Ramos Moreira; MOSCONI NETO, Alcides; PONTES JUNIOR, Jose; VIANA, Nayara Izabel; ANTUNES, Alberto Azoubel; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco; SROUGI, Miguel
2012Underexpression of MMP-2 and its Regulators, TIMP2, MT1-MMP and IL-8, is Associated with Prostate CancerREIS, Sabrina Thalita; ANTUNES, Alberto Azoubel; PONTES-JUNIOR, Jose; SOUSA-CANAVEZ, Juliana Moreira de; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco; PIANTINO, Camila Belfort; CRUZ, Jose Arnaldo Shiomi da; MORAIS, Denis Reis; SROUGI, Miguel; LEITE, Katia R. M.
2012Increased expression of MMP-9 and IL-8 are correlated with poor prognosis of Bladder CancerREIS, Sabrina Thalita; LEITE, Katia Ramos M.; PIOVESAN, Luis Felipe; PONTES-JUNIOR, Jose; VIANA, Nayara Izabel; ABE, Daniel Kanda; CRIPPA, Alexandre; MOURA, Caio Martins; ADONIAS, Sanarelly Pires; SROUGI, Miguel; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco
2012miR-21 may acts as an oncomir by targeting RECK, a matrix metalloproteinase regulator, in prostate cancerREIS, Sabrina Thalita; PONTES-JUNIOR, Jose; ANTUNES, Alberto Azoubel; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco; DIP, Nelson; PASSEROTTI, Carlo Camargo; ROSSINI, Guilherme Ayres; MORAIS, Denis Reis; NESRALLAH, Adriano Joao; PIANTINO, Camila; SROUGI, Miguel; LEITE, Katia R.
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