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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The sustainability of day-to-day life: a study of the social networks of users of mental healthcare service in the municipality of Santo Andre (SP, Brazil)MURAMOTO, Melissa Tieko; MANGIA, Elisabete Ferreira
2011Changes in the Plantar Pressure Distribution During Gait Throughout GestationRIBEIRO, Ana Paula; TROMBINI-SOUZA, Francis; SACCO, Isabel de Camargo Neves; RUANO, Rodrigo; ZUGAIB, Marcelo; JOAO, Silvia Maria Amado
2011Speech Disfluency Types of Fluent and Stuttering Individuals: Age EffectsJUSTE, Fabiola Starobole; ANDRADE, Claudia Regina Furquim de
2011Voice Analysis of Postlingually Deaf Adults Pre- and Postcochlear ImplantationUBRIG, Maysa Tiberio; GOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria S.; WEBER, Raimar; MENEZES, Marcia H. Moreira; NEMR, Nair Katia; TSUJI, Domingos Hiroshi; TSUJI, Robinson Koji
2011Musculoskeletal Dysfunction and Pain in Adults with AsthmaLUNARDI, Adriana Claudia; MARQUES, Cibele Cristine Berto; MENDES, Felipe Augusto Rodrigues; MARQUES, Amelia Pasqual; STELMACH, Rafael; CARVALHO, Celso Ricardo Fernandes
2011What needs to be done? Occupational therapy responsibilities and challenges regarding human rightsGALHEIGO, Sandra Maria
2011Development and analysis of a low-cost screening tool to identify and classify hearing loss in children: a proposal for developing countriesSAMELLI, Alessandra Giannella; RABELO, Camila Maia; VESPASIANO, Ana Paula Chaparin
2011Clinical effectiveness of the Respimat (R) inhaler device in managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: evidence when compared with other handheld inhaler devicesRAM, Felix S. F.; CARVALLHO, Celso R.; WHITE, John
2011Incentive spirometry in major surgeries: a systematic reviewCARVALHO, Celso R. F.; PAISANI, Denise M.; LUNARDI, Adriana C.
2011Speech and non-speech processing in children with phonological disorders: an electrophysiological studyGONCALVES, Isabela Crivellaro; WERTZNER, Haydee Fiszbein; SAMELLI, Alessandra Giannella; MATAS, Carla Gentile
2011Maternal smoking during pregnancy: Impact on otoacoustic emissions in neonatesDURANTE, Alessandra Spada; IBIDI, Silvia Maria; LOTUFO, Joao Paulo Becker; CARVALLO, Renata M. M.
2011Influence of patellofemoral pain syndrome on plantar pressure in the foot rollover process during gaitALIBERTI, Sandra; COSTA, Mariana de S. X.; PASSARO, Anice de Campos; ARNONE, Antonio Carlos; HIRATA, Rogerio; SACCO, Isabel C. N.
2011Objective structured clinical evaluation as an assessment method for undergraduate chest physical therapy students: a cross-sectional studySILVA, Cibele C. B. M.; LUNARDI, Adriana C.; MENDES, Felipe A. R.; SOUZA, Flavia F. P.; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.
2011Auditory training and cognitive functioning in adult with traumatic brain injuryMURPHY, Cristina Ferraz Borges; FILLIPPINI, Renata; PALMA, Debora; ZALCMAN, Tatiane Eisencraft; LIMA, Janaina Patricio; SCHOCHAT, Eliane
2011Assessing deaf and hearing children's communication in BrazilLICHTIG, Ida; COUTO, Maria Ines Vieira; MECCA, Fabiola F. D. N.; HARTLEY, Sally; WIRZ, Sheila; WOLL, Bencie
2011Rearfoot alignment and medial longitudinal arch configurations of runners with symptoms and histories of plantar fasciitisRIBEIRO, Ana Paula; TROMBINI-SOUZA, Francis; TESSUTTI, Vitor; LIMA, Fernanda Rodrigues; SACCO, Isabel de Camargo Neves; JOAO, Silvia Maria Amado
2011P300 with verbal and nonverbal stimuli in normal hearing adultsMASSA, Camila Goncalves Polo; RABELO, Camila Maia; MATAS, Carla Gentile; SCHOCHAT, Eliane; SAMELLI, Alessandra Giannella
2011Airway epithelium mediates the anti-inflammatory effects of exercise on asthmaVIEIRA, Rodolfo Paula; TOLEDO, Alessandra Choqueta de; FERREIRA, Sergio Cesar; SANTOS, Angela Batista Gomes dos; MEDEIROS, Maria Cristina Rodrigues; HAGE, Marcia; MAUAD, Thais; MARTINS, Milton de Arruda; DOLHNIKOFF, Marisa; CARVALHO, Celso Ricardo Fernandes de
2011The Effects of Low and High Tidal Volume and Pentoxifylline on Intestinal Blood Flow and Leukocyte-Endothelial Interactions in Mechanically Ventilated RatsAIKAWA, Priscila; ZHANG, Haibo; BARBAS, Carmen S. V.; PAZETTI, Rogerio; CORREIA, Cristiano; MAUAD, Thais; SILVA, Eliezer; SANNOMIYA, Paulina; POLI-DE-FIGUEIREDO, Luiz F.; NAKAGAWA, Naomi Kondo