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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effects of different types of auditory temporal training on language skills: a systematic reviewMURPHY, Cristina Ferraz Borges; SCHOCHAT, Eliane
2012Auditory processing in children and adolescents in situations of risk and vulnerabilityMURPHY, Cristina Ferraz Borges; PONTES, Fernanda; STIVANIN, Luciene; PICOLI, Erica; SCHOCHAT, Eliane
2011Development and analysis of a low-cost screening tool to identify and classify hearing loss in children: a proposal for developing countriesSAMELLI, Alessandra Giannella; RABELO, Camila Maia; VESPASIANO, Ana Paula Chaparin
2018A didactic approach to presenting verbal and visual information to children participating in research protocols: the comic book informed assentMASSETTI, Thais; CROCETTA, Tania Brusque; GUARNIERI, Regiani; SILVA, Talita Dias da; LEAL, Andrea Fernanda; VOOS, Mariana Celli; MONTEIRO, Carlos Bandeira de Mello
2020Sensitivity and specificity of a low-cost screening protocol for identifying children at risk for language disordersDIAS, Daniela Cardilli; RONDON-MELO, Silmara; MOLINI-AVEJONAS, Daniela Regina
2015The effect of non-invasive positive airway pressure therapy following thoracic surgical procedures: protocol for a systematic reviewSANTOS, Elinaldo da Conceicao dos; LUNARDI, Adriana Claudia
2018Ongoing maturation in the time-compressed speech testRABELO, Camila Maia; ROCHA-MUNIZ, Caroline Nunes; SCHOCHAT, Eliane
2019Prevalence of hypovitaminosis D in postmenopausal women: a systematic reviewVALLADARES, Tania; SIMOES, Ricardo; BERNARDO, Wanderley; SCHMITT, Ana Carolina Basso; CARDOSO, Maria Regina A.; ALDRIGHI, Jose Mendes
2018Hip Mobilization at Preterm Age May Accelerate Developmental Dysplasia RecoveryVOOS, Mariana Callil; DRUMMOND, Soares de Moura Maria Clara; HASUE, Renata Hydee
2019Identifying COPD patients at risk for worse symptoms, HRQoL, and self-efficacy: A cluster analysisLOPES, Aline C.; XAVIER, Rafaella F.; PEREIRA, Ana Carolina A. C.; STELMACH, Rafael; FERNANDES, Frederico L. A.; HARRISON, Samantha L.; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.