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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Effects of a combined strengthening, stretching and functional training program versus usual-care on gait biomechanics and foot function for diabetic neuropathy: a randomized controlled trialSARTOR, Cristina Dallemole; WATARI, Ricky; PASSARO, Anice Campos; PICON, Andreja Paley; HASUE, Renata Haydee; SACCO, Isabel C. N.
2013Facial Pain Associated With Fibromyalgia Can Be Marked by Abnormal Neuromuscular Control: A Cross-Sectional StudyGUI, Maisa Soares; PEDRONI, Cristiane Rodrigues; AQUINO, Luana M. Martins; PIMENTEL, Marcele Jardim; ALVES, Marcelo Correa; ROSSINI, Sueli; REIMAO, Rubens; BERZIN, Fausto; MARQUES, Amelia Pasqual; RIZZATTI-BARBOSA, Celia Marisa
2012Evaluation of a multimedia online tool for teaching bronchial hygiene to physical therapy studentsSILVA, Cibele C. B. Marques da; TOLEDO, Sonia L. P.; SILVEIRA, Paulo S. P.; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.
2011The effects of plantar fasciitis and pain on plantar pressure distribution of recreational runnersRIBEIRO, Ana Paula; TROMBINI-SOUZA, Francis; TESSUTTI, Vitor D.; LIMA, Fernanda R.; JOAO, Silvia M. A.; SACCO, Isabel C. N.
2011Inexpensive footwear decreases joint loading in elderly women with knee osteoarthritisTROMBINI-SOUZA, Francis; KIMURA, Aline; RIBEIRO, Ana Paula; BUTUGAN, Marco; AKASHI, Paula; PASSARO, Anice C.; ARNONE, Antonio C.; SACCO, Isabel C. N.
2011Changes in the Plantar Pressure Distribution During Gait Throughout GestationRIBEIRO, Ana Paula; TROMBINI-SOUZA, Francis; SACCO, Isabel de Camargo Neves; RUANO, Rodrigo; ZUGAIB, Marcelo; JOAO, Silvia Maria Amado
2018Protocol for evaluating the effects of a foot-ankle therapeutic exercise program on daily activity, foot-ankle functionality, and biomechanics in people with diabetic polyneuropathy: a randomized controlled trialMONTEIRO, Renan L.; SARTOR, Cristina D.; FERREIRA, Jane S. S. P.; DANTAS, Milla G. B.; BUS, Sicco A.; SACCO, Isabel C. N.
2013Brazilian-Portuguese translation and cross cultural adaptation of the activities-specific balance confidence (ABC) scaleMARQUES, Amelia P.; MENDES, Yuri C.; TADDEI, Ulisses; PEREIRA, Carlos A. B.; ASSUMPCAO, Ana
2019Physiotherapist advice to older inpatients about the importance of staying physically active during hospitalisation reduces sedentary time, increases daily steps and preserves mobility: a randomised trialMORENO, Nayara Alexia; AQUINO, Bruno Garcia de; GARCIA, Isabel Fialho; TAVARES, Lucas Spadoni; COSTA, Larissa Francielly; GIACOMASSI, Ivens Willians Silva; LUNARDI, Adriana Claudia
2020Impacto da dor musculoesquelética na incapacidade funcionalMOTA, Paulo Henrique dos Santos; LIMA, Thais Alves de; BERACH, Flavia Rupolo; SCHMITT, Ana Carolina Basso