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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Focused abdominal ultrasound in preoperative liver surgery staging: a prospective studyCOHEN, Marcela P.; HERMAN, Paulo; CHOJNIAK, Rubens; POLI, Miriam R. B.; BARBOSA, Paula N. V.; BITENCOURT, Almir G. V.
2013Absence of RKIP expression is an independent prognostic biomarker for gastric cancer patientsMARTINHO, Olga; SIMOES, Kleber; LONGATTO-FILHO, Adhemar; JACOB, Carlos Eduardo; ZILBERSTEIN, Bruno; BRESCIANI, Claudio; GAMA-RODRIGUES, Joaquim; CECCONELLO, Ivan; ALVES, Venancio; REIS, Rui Manuel
2013Liver resection and transplantation offer similar 5-year survival for Child-Pugh-Turcotte A HCC-patients with a single nodule up to 5 cm: A multicenter, exploratory analysisSILVA, M. F.; SAPISOCHIN, G.; STRASSER, S. I.; HEWA-GEEGANAGE, S.; CHEN, J.; WIGG, A. J.; JONES, R.; SARAIVA, R.; KIKUCHI, L.; CARRILHO, F.; FONTES, P. R. O.; CHARCO, R.
2013Extended preoperative chemotherapy, extent of liver resection and blood transfusion are predictive factors of liver failure following resection of colorectal liver metastasisRIBEIRO, H. S. C.; COSTA JR., W. L.; DINIZ, A. L.; GODOY, A. L.; HERMAN, P.; COUDRY, R. A.; BEGNAMI, M. D. F. S.; MELLO, C. A. L.; SILVA, M. J. B.; ZURSTRASSEN, C. E.; COIMBRA, F. J. F.
2013Primary malignant melanoma of the esophagus: a rare and aggressive diseaseMORITA, Flavio Hiroshi Ananias; RIBEIRO JR., Ulysses; SALLUM, Rubens Antonio Aissar; TACCONI, Marcos Roberto; TAKEDA, Flvio Roberto; ROCHA, Julio Rafael Mariano da; LIGABO, Giovanna de Sanctis Callegari; MELO, Evandro Sobrosa de; POLLARA, Wilson Modesto; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2012Isolated splenic metastasis from lung squamous cell carcinomaDIAS, Andre R.; PINTO, Rodrigo A.; RAVANINI, Juliana N.; LUPINACCI, Renato M.; CECCONELLO, Ivan; RIBEIRO JR., Ulysses
2013HOXB7 mRNA is overexpressed in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas and its knockdown induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosisCHILE, Thais; FORTES, Maria Angela Henriques Zanella; CORREA-GIANNELLA, Maria Lucia Cardillo; BRENTANI, Helena Paula; MARIA, Durvanei Augusto; PUGA, Renato David; PAULA, Vanessa de Jesus R. de; KUBRUSLY, Marcia Saldanha; NOVAK, Estela Maria; BACCHELLA, Telesforo; GIORGI, Ricardo Rodrigues
2015Desmoid tumors: clinical features and outcome of an unpredictable and challenging manifestation of familial adenomatous polyposisCAMPOS, Fabio Guilherme; MARTINEZ, Carlos Augusto Real; NOVAES, Marleny; NAHAS, Sergio Carlos; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2012Accuracy of positron emission tomography/computed tomography and clinical assessment in the detection of complete rectal tumor regression after neoadjuvant chemoradiation Long-Term Results of a Prospective Trial (National Clinical Trial 00254683)PEREZ, Rodrigo Oliva; HABR-GAMA, Angelita; GAMA-RODRIGUES, Joaquim; PROSCURSHIM, Igor; JULIAO, Guilherme Pagin Sao; LYNN, Patricio; ONO, Carla Rachel; CAMPOS, Fabio Guilherme; SOUSA JR., Afonso Henrique Silva e; IMPERIALE, Antonio Rocco; NAHAS, Sergio Carlos; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos Alberto
2012Optimal Timing for Assessment of Tumor Response to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation in Patients With Rectal Cancer: Do All Patients Benefit From Waiting Longer Than 6 Weeks?PEREZ, Rodrigo O.; HABR-GAMA, Angelita; JULIAO, Guilherme P. Sao; GAMA-RODRIGUES, Joaquim; SOUSA JR., Afonso H. S.; CAMPOS, Fabio Guilherme; IMPERIALE, Antonio R.; LYNN, Patricio B.; PROSCURSHIM, Igor; NAHAS, Sergio Carlos; ONO, Carla Rachel; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos Alberto