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dc.contributorSistema FMUSP-HC: Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP) e Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP-
dc.contributor.authorRODRIGUES, A. C.-
dc.contributor.authorSOBRINO, B.-
dc.contributor.authorGENVIGIR, F. D. V.-
dc.contributor.authorWILLRICH, M. A. V.-
dc.contributor.authorARAZI, S. S.-
dc.contributor.authorDOREA, E. L.-
dc.contributor.authorBERNIK, M. M. S.-
dc.contributor.authorBERTOLAMI, M.-
dc.contributor.authorFALUDI, A. A.-
dc.contributor.authorBRION, M. J.-
dc.contributor.authorCARRACEDO, A.-
dc.contributor.authorHIRATA, M. H.-
dc.contributor.authorHIRATA, R. D. C.-
dc.identifier.citationCLINICA CHIMICA ACTA, v.417, p.8-11, 2013-
dc.description.abstractObjective: Using candidate gene approach, we have investigated the effect of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in genes related to lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis on dyslipidemia and atorvastatin response. Methods: The study included 157 patients treated with atorvastatin and 145 controls. Genomic DNA was isolated and genotyped using SNPlex technology. Results: Allele and genotype disease association test revealed that APOB rs693 (OR: 2.2 [1.5-3.2], p = 0.0001) and CD36 rs1984112 (OR: 3.7 [1.9-7.0], p = 0.0002) SNPs were independent risk factors for hypercholesterolemia. Only APOB rs693 T variant allele was associated with increased LDL cholesterol levels (> 160 mg/dL). After atorvastatin treatment (10 mg/day/4 weeks), LIPC - 514T allele was positively associated with LDL cholesterol reduction. Conclusion: The current study reinforces the current knowledge that carrying APOB rs693 is an independent risk factor for dyslipidemia and higher LDL levels. Furthermore, we found that a variant of CD36 was associated with dyslipidemia as a risk (rs1984112) factor. Finally, atorvastatin response could be predicted by LIPC - 514C>T SNP and physical activity. In conclusion, our data evidences the contribution of genetic markers and their interaction with environmental factor in the variability of statin response.-
dc.description.sponsorshipFAPESP [2008/06667-9]-
dc.description.sponsorshipFAPESP, Sao Paulo, Brazil-
dc.description.sponsorshipCNPq, Brasilia, Brazil-
dc.relation.ispartofClinica Chimica Acta-
dc.subjectAssociation studies-
dc.subject.otherhepatic lipase gene-
dc.subject.otherdensity-lipoprotein cholesterol-
dc.subject.othergenome-wide association-
dc.subject.othernonfasting triglycerides-
dc.subject.otherpromoter variant-
dc.titleGenetic variants in genes related to lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia and atorvastatin response-
dc.rights.holderCopyright ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV-
dc.subject.wosMedical Laboratory Technology-
dc.type.categoryoriginal article-
dc.type.versionpublishedVersion-, A. C.:Univ Sao Paulo, Fac Ciencias Farmaceut, BR-09500900 Sao Paulo, Brazil-, B.:Fdn Publ Galega Med Xen, CIBERER, Grp Med Xen USC, Santiago De Compostela, Galicia, Spain-, F. D. V.:Univ Sao Paulo, Fac Ciencias Farmaceut, BR-09500900 Sao Paulo, Brazil-, M. A. V.:Univ Sao Paulo, Fac Ciencias Farmaceut, BR-09500900 Sao Paulo, Brazil-, S. S.:Univ Sao Paulo, Fac Ciencias Farmaceut, BR-09500900 Sao Paulo, Brazil-, M.:Inst Dante Pazzanese Cardiol, Sao Paulo, Brazil-, A. A.:Inst Dante Pazzanese Cardiol, Sao Paulo, Brazil-, M. J.:Fdn Publ Galega Med Xen, CIBERER, Grp Med Xen USC, Santiago De Compostela, Galicia, Spain; Complexo Hosp Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain-, A.:Fdn Publ Galega Med Xen, CIBERER, Grp Med Xen USC, Santiago De Compostela, Galicia, Spain-, M. H.:Univ Sao Paulo, Fac Ciencias Farmaceut, BR-09500900 Sao Paulo, Brazil-, R. D. C.:Univ Sao Paulo, Fac Ciencias Farmaceut, BR-09500900 Sao Paulo, Brazil-
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