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Title: Low salt intake is associated with maternal obesity before and during pregnancy
Authors: TRESOLDI, Michelle SotoHEIMANN, Joel ClaudioLOPES, Karen Lucasechi
Citation: FASEB JOURNAL, v.27, 2013
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate body weight, adipose tissue mass, serum leptin and mean blood pressure in females fed with different amounts of sodium chloride in three moments of the perinatal period: before (B) and at the end of pregnancy (P) and at the end of lactation (L). Methods: Female Wistar rats were fed low (LS: 0.15%), normal (NS: 1.3%) or high (HS: 8%) salt diet since 8 weeks of age. Mating was induced at 12 weeks of age. The mass of white adipose tissue (WAT, g/100g), brown adipose tissue (BAT, g/100g), body weight (BW, g), serum leptin (SL, μg/mL) by radioimmunoassay, intra-arterial mean blood pressure (BP, mmHg) and adiposity index (AI=WAT/BW x 100, %) were evaluated. Results (p<0.05, values represented by mean±SEM, n=4 to 10/group): In LS fed rats, BAT and SL were lower in L (BAT: 0.11±0.011; LS: 3.6±1.1) compared with B (BAT: 0.18±0.013; LS: 7.7±1.0) and P (BAT: 0.15±0.012; SL: 7.8±1.1). Also in LS fed rats, AI was lower in L (6.1±0.5) compared with B (8.1±0.6) and P (7.8±0.5). In L, BP was higher in HS (137.1±4.9) compared with NS (119.1±2.4) and LS (111.7±7.5). The BW was lower in HS (258.0±6.0) compared with NS (329.0±26.5) and LS (306.5±19.6) group. Conclusions: The amount of dietary salt consumption during the perinatal period influences maternal energy metabolism and blood pressure.
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