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Título: Characterization of Asthmatic Patients with Vocal Cord Dysfunction
Autor(es): AGONDI, Rosana C.GALVAO, VioletaAUN, MarceloBISACCIONI, CarlaKALIL, JorgeGIAVINA-BIANCHI, Pedro
Parte de: JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, v.131, n.2, suppl.S, p.AB63-AB63, 2013
Resumo: RATIONALE: The vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) is a syndrome characterized by paradoxical movement of the vocal folds that causes respiratory distress. Our goal is to analyze asthmatic patients with VCD. METHODS: This was an observational and cross-sectional study involving patients over 18 years of age who had been diagnosed with asthma according to the Global Initiative for Asthma guidelines. Eighty-five patients were analyzed. They were submitted to spirometry, and tested for total and specific IgE to aeroallergens (skin prick test and/or in vitro ). RESULTS: The mean age was 52.1 years, and 93% were female. Sixty- seven patients had moderate or severe persistent asthma. Spirometry was normal or showed mild obstructive respiratory disease in 81% of them. Spirometric alterations suggestive of VCD were observed in 24% of the patients. The mean serum total IgE was 303 IU/mL and the detection of specific IgE was present in 76% of them. Gastroesophageal reflux disease was observed in 65% of the patients. When classified according to gender, we found that men were younger, had higher total IgE and higher prevalence of specific IgE. CONCLUSIONS: There was a higher prevalence of the association asthma and VCD in women, suggesting that this association could be masked in men. However, we observed that the clinical characteristics were different between men and women. We found a high prevalence of atopy that could be another confounding factor. There was a weak association between asthma and spirometric severity classifications, suggesting a potential role for VCD in making difficult to the asthma control in some patients.
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