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Title: Exposure to air pollution before and during pregnancy: Effect on placental structure
Authors: SOTO, S. F.VERAS, M. M.HEIMANN, J. L.
Citation: PLACENTA, v.34, n.2, p.A12-A12, 2013
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the effects of exposure to air pollution before and during pregnancy. Methods: Female Wistar rats were exposed to filtrated (F) or polluted (P) air in an Atmospheric Particle Concentrator during 3 weeks before pregnancy. At 12 weeks of age, the animals were mated and pregnant females divided in four subgroups (FF, FP, PF and PP). At 19th day of pregnancy, placentas were collected. Placental (Pl) and deciduous (Dc) longitudinal (LD) and transversal (TD) diameters were measured. Results:(mean SEM–p<0.05 mm): 1p<0.05 vs FF; 2p<0.05 vs FF, PF, PP; 3p<0.05 vs FF; 4p<0.05 vs FF, PP; 5p<0.05 vs FF; 6p<0.05 vs PF Conclusions: Exposure to air pollution affects placental structure indicating a possible impairment of fetal nutrition.
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