Departamento de Medicina Legal, Ética Médica e Medicina Social e do Trabalho - FM/MLS

O Departamento de Medicina Legal, Ética Médica e Medicina Social e do Trabalho, no Instituto Oscar Freire, é responsável pela cadeira de Medicina Legal na Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP). Além de oferecer cursos de pós-graduação e especialização, atua nas áreas de Bioética, Ciências Forenses, Medicina Legal e Medicina Social e do Trabalho.

Possui três núcleos e centros de estudos: CEARAS (Centro de Estudos e Atendimento Relativos ao Abuso Sexual); CEIOF (Centro de Estudos do Instituto Oscar Freire) e o Núcleo de Estudos de Bioética. O Grupo de Estudos em Bioética envolve a Faculdade de Medicina, Odontologia, Direito, Saúde Pública, Escola de Enfermagem e Instituto de Psicologia – tendo como missão ser um polo para difusão e implementação do conhecimento bioético; promovendo o intercâmbio com instituições nacionais e internacionais relacionadas ao tema pela formação e aprimoramento de profissionais da área. Desenvolve pesquisas conjuntas, presta serviços à comunidade por meio de cursos de formação e atualização, disseminado informação e estimulando o debate ético e bioético, além de desenvolver pesquisa sistematizada em diferentes áreas de formação.

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Recent Submissions

  1. Autonomy versus paternalism: will of the person or will of the collective?

    REVISTA DA ASSOCIACAO MEDICA BRASILEIRA, v.67, n.8, p.1085-1086, 2021

  2. Transcranial direct current stimulation combined with robotic training in incomplete spinal cord injury: a randomized, sham-controlled clinical trial

    SPINAL CORD SERIES AND CASES, v.7, n.1, article ID 87, 7p, 2021

    Study design A randomized, sham-controlled clinical trial. Objective To test the effects of tDCS, combined with robotic training, on gait disability in SCI. Our hypothesis was that participants who received active tDCS would experience greater walking gains, as indexed by the WISCI-II, than those...

  3. Deficit of Inhibition as a Marker of Neuroplasticity (DEFINE Study) in Rehabilitation: A Longitudinal Cohort Study Protocol

    FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY, v.12, article ID 695406, 10p, 2021

    Background: Brain plasticity is an intrinsic property of the nervous system, which is modified during its lifetime. This is one mechanism of recuperation after injuries with an important role in rehabilitation. Evidence suggests that injuries in the nervous system disturb the stability between in...

  4. The impact of COVID-19 vaccination delay: A data-driven modeling analysis for Chicago and New York City

    VACCINE, v.39, n.41, p.6088-6094, 2021

    Background: By the beginning of December 2020, some vaccines against COVID-19 already presented efficacy and security, which qualify them to be used in mass vaccination campaigns. Thus, setting up strategies of vaccination became crucial to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Methods: We use daily COV...

  5. Exploring the Role of Alcohol Metabolizing Genotypes in a 12-Week Clinical Trial of Naltrexone for Alcohol Use Disorder

    BIOMOLECULES, v.11, n.10, article ID 1495, 10p, 2021

    Background: The efficacy of naltrexone in the treatment of alcohol use disorder (AUD) has been associated with a set of variables not directly related with the expression of opioid receptors. All the variables have been found to be highly associated with AUD itself or more severe clinical levels ...

  6. COVID-19 underreporting and its impact on vaccination strategies

    BMC INFECTIOUS DISEASES, v.21, n.1, article ID 1111, 13p, 2021

    Background: Underreporting cases of infectious diseases poses a major challenge in the analysis of their epidemiological characteristics and dynamical aspects. Without accurate numerical estimates it is difficult to precisely quantify the proportions of severe and critical cases, as well as the m...

  7. A nova psiquiatria frente à ética médica e à bioética

    Cohen, Cláudio; Lima, Mauro Aranha. A nova psiquiatria frente à ética médica e à bioética. In: Miguel, Euripedes Constantino; Lafer, Beny; Elkis, Helio; Forlenza, Orestes Vicente; Brunoni, Andre Russowsky; Serafim, Antonio de Pádua; Barros, Daniel Martins de; Humes, Eduardo de Castro; Lotufo Neto, Francisco; Polanczyk, Guilherme Vanoni; Castellana, Gustavo Bonini; Brentani, Helena; Tavares, Hermano; Proença, Inah Carolina Galatro Faria; Galluci Neto, José; Scanavino, Marco de Tubino; Sallet, Paulo Clemente; Marchetti, Renato Luiz; Cordás, Táki Athanássios (eds); Guimarães-Fernandes, Flávio (coord). Clínica psiquiátrica: os fundamentos da psiquiatria [2.ed., ampl. e atual.], v.v.1. BARUERI: Manole, 2021. p.155-164.

  8. Some Problems with the Dirac Delta Function: Divergent Series in Physics

    BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, v.51, n.5, p.1324-1332, 2021

    The completeness relation for the eigenfunctions of a self-adjoint operator generally involves a divergent series or integral. In this paper, we show, using the eigenfunctions of the infinite square well as an example, that these divergent objects can be interpreted as distributions. This should ...

  9. Modelling the impact of delaying vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 assuming unlimited vaccine supply

    THEORETICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICAL MODELLING, v.18, n.1, article ID 14, 11p, 2021

    Background At the moment we have more than 177 million cases and 3.8 million deaths (as of June 2021) around the world and vaccination represents the only hope to control the pandemic. Imperfections in planning vaccine acquisition and difficulties in implementing distribution among the population...

  10. Post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC): a protocol for a multidisciplinary prospective observational evaluation of a cohort of patients surviving hospitalisation in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    BMJ OPEN, v.11, n.6, article ID e051706, 9p, 2021

    Introduction COVID-19 may lead to persistent and potentially incapacitating clinical manifestations (post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC)). Using easy-to-apply questionnaires and scales (often by telephone interviewing), several studies evaluated samples of COVID-19 inpatients from ...