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Title: Effect of progressive resistance training on strength evolution of ageing people living with HIV compared to healthy controls
Authors: SOUZA, Paula M. L.JACOB FILHO, WilsonSANTAREM, Jose MariaBURATTINI, Marcelo Nascimento
Citation: JOURNAL OF AGING AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, v.20, suppl.S, p.S255-S255, 2012
Abstract: Objectives: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection worsens the frailty of elderly people, compromising their quality of life. In this study, we prospectively evaluated eleven living with HIV and 21 controls older than 60 years and without prior regular physical activity, who engaged in a one-year progressive resistance exercise program to compare its effects on muscular strength, physical fitness, and body composition. Methods: Exercises for major muscular groups were performed 2 times/week, under professional supervision. Strength increase was evaluated bimonthly, while body composition, lipid and glycaemic profiles (only of those living with HIV), and physical fitness were evaluated before and after the one-year training. Results: Those living with HIV were lighter, had smaller Body Mass Index, and were initially much weaker than controls. However, their strength increased more (1.52-2.33 times the baseline values for those living with HIV x 1.21-1.48 times for controls, p < 0.01), nullifying the differences initially seen. These effects were seen independently of gender, age, or baseline physical activity. In addition, those living with HIV improved their fast glucose levels and showed a tendency to improve their lipid profile after the one-year training program. Conclusions: Resistance exercise safely increased the strength of older adults living with HIV, allowing them to equal otherwise healthy controls’ performances. These findings favor the recommendation of resistance exercise for elder living with HIV adults.
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