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Title: Perioperative Anaphylaxis: Clinical Features of 51 Patients
Citation: JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, v.129, n.2, suppl.S, p.AB180-AB180, 2012
Abstract: Rationale: Perioperative anaphylaxis is an important and life-threatening adverse reaction in clinical practice. We aimed to evaluate the prevalence and the etiology of perioperative anaphylaxis referred to an outpatient clinic specialized in adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Methods: We evaluated 806 patients with history of ADRs through the questionnaire “European Network for Drug Allergy” (ENDA) from October 2006 to June 2011. Patients with a history of perioperative anaphylaxis were selected. The diagnostic criteria for anaphylaxis were based on the World Allergy Organization Guidelines. Etiological investigation was made with skin tests for latex, neuromuscular blockers (NMBs), antibiotics, hypnotics, opioids and local anesthetics. Drug provocation tests (DPTs) for antibiotics, NSAIDs, local anesthetics and latex were also performed. Serum specific IgE was tested for antibiotics (Penicillin, Ampicillin and Amoxicillin) and latex. Results: We identified 51 (6%) patients with a history of perioperative anaphylaxis. Among them, 16 patients (31%) had hypersensitivity reactions with positive cutaneous test, 14 patients (27%) abandoned the investigation and 8 patients (16%) completed the investigation with all tests being negative. Currently 12 patients (23%) are still under investigation. The main cause of perioperative anaphylaxis was latex allergy (22%), followed by NMBs hypersensitivity (6%). Three patients had positive tests for two different agents. Conclusions: Latex allergy was the main cause of perioperative anaphylaxis in this study. The importance of testing all the possible agents involved was demonstrated by the occurrence of three cases with positive test for two agents.
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