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dc.contributorSistema FMUSP-HC: Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP) e Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP-
dc.contributor.authorCAMPOS, Luciene Cristina Gastalho-
dc.contributor.authorMIYAKAWA, Ayumi Aurea-
dc.contributor.authorBARAUNA, Valerio Garrone-
dc.contributor.authorBORIN, Thaiz Ferraz-
dc.contributor.authorDALLAN, Luis Alberto de Oliveira-
dc.contributor.authorKRIEGER, Jose Eduardo-
dc.identifier.citationFASEB JOURNAL, v.26, 2012-
dc.description.abstractCysteine- and glycine- rich protein 3 (CRP3) can act as structural protein and potent transcriptional cofactor during muscle differentiation and vascular remodeling. In this context, we have demonstrated, by real time RT–PCR, that CRP3 expression is 10 times higher in smooth muscle cells (SMCs) from human mammary artery vs. saphenous vein (h-SV) and that CRP3 expression can be induced in arterialized h-SV using an ex vivo flow through system that mimics arterial condition. The upregulation of CRP3 was primarily dependent on stretch stimulus in SMCs, rather than shear stress in ECs. Here, we assessed the induction and localization of CRP3 in SMCs during arterialization. Using a rat vein arterializations model in vivo, 1–14 days after surgery, CRP3 immunostaining was observed predominantly in the inner layer and 28–90 days it appears more scattered in the vessel. Confocal microscopy and western blot analysis showed that CRP3 is expressed in cytoplasm and nucleous of SMCs under stretch and in early stages of rat arterialization model. Later, the localization was restricted to the cytoplasm. Our data provide evidence that CRP3 is primarily expressed in arterial SMCs but upon stretching there is early expression of CRP3 induction in vein SMC cytoplasm and nucleous. These finding support to the idea that CRP3 may influence vascular adaptation to stress via cytoskeleton rearrangement and gene expression reprogramming.-
dc.relation.ispartofFaseb Journal-
dc.titleStretch induces CRP3 expression in vein grafts-
dc.rights.holderCopyright FEDERATION AMER SOC EXP BIOL-
dc.description.conferencedateAPR 21-25, 2012-
dc.description.conferencelocalSan Diego - CA, EUA-
dc.description.conferencenameExperimental Biology Meeting-
dc.subject.wosBiochemistry & Molecular Biology-
dc.subject.wosCell Biology-
dc.type.categorymeeting abstract-
dc.type.versionpublishedVersion-, Thaiz Ferraz:Univ Sao Paulo, Sch Med, Sao Paulo, Brazil-
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