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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Reducing the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for driving in developing countries: a time for change? Results and implications derived from a time-series analysis (2001-10) conducted in BrazilANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; CARVALHO, Heraclito B.; CHERPITEL, Cheryl J.; YE, Yu; PONCE, Julio C.; KAHN, Tulio; LEYTON, Vilma
2011DNA damage and repair in leukocytes of melanoma patients exposed in vitro to cisplatinSHIMABUKURO, Fernanda; NETO, Cyro F.; SANCHES JR., Jose A.; GATTAS, Gilka J. F.
2011Why dengue and yellow fever coexist in some areas of the world and not in others?AMAKU, Marcos; COUTINHO, Francisco Antonio Bezerra; MASSAD, Eduardo
2011The GHEP-EMPOP collaboration on mtDNA population data-A new resource for forensic caseworkPRIETO, L.; ZIMMERMANN, B.; GOIOS, A.; RODRIGUEZ-MONGE, A.; PANETO, G. G.; ALVES, C.; ALONSO, A.; FRIDMAN, C.; CARDOSO, S.; LIMA, G.; ANJOS, M. J.; WHITTLE, M. R.; MONTESINO, M.; CICARELLI, R. M. B.; ROCHA, A. M.; ALBARRAN, C.; PANCORBO, M. M. de; PINHEIRO, M. F.; CARVALHO, M.; SUMITA, D. R.; PARSON, W.
2011Relation between alcohol consumption and traffic violations and accidents in the region of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo StatePEREIRA, Rafael Eduardo; PERDONA, Gleici da Silva Castro; ZINI, Lucila Costa; CURY, Maria Bernadete Schieber; RUZZENE, Maria Angela Martins; MARTIN, Carmen Cinira Santos; MARTINIS, Bruno Spinosa de
2011Scanning electron microscopy as an auxiliary method in the study of exhumed bonesMELKI, Joao A. D.; MARTIN, Carmen C. S.; ZERBINI, Talita
2011The cost of dengue controlMASSAD, Eduardo; COUTINHO, Francisco Antonio Bezerra
2011Brazilian version of the Functional Assessment Measure: cross-cultural adaptation and reliability evaluationJORGE, Liliana Lourenco; MARCHI, Flavia Helena Garcia; HARA, Ana Clara Portela; BATTISTELLA, Linamara R.
2011European ancestry and polymorphisms in DNA repair genes modify the risk of melanoma: A case-control study in a high UV index region in BrazilGONCALVES, Fernanda T.; FRANCISCO, Guilherme; SOUZA, Sonia P. de; LUIZ, Olinda C.; FESTA-NETO, Cyro; SANCHES, Jose A.; CHAMMAS, Roger; GATTAS, Gilka J. F.; ELUF-NETO, Jose
2011Entomological repercussions of increasing environmental temperatures Reply to comments on ""Modeling the impact of global warming on vector-borne infections""MASSAD, Eduardo; COUTINHO, Francisco Antonio Bezerra; LOPEZ, Luis Fernandez; SILVA, Daniel Rodrigues da