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Authors: ALI, Shozab S.SHAHARYAR, SameerBLAHA, Michael J.JAMAL, OmarAGATSTON, Arthur S.BLUMENTHAL, Roger S.CONCEICAO, Raquel D.CARVALHO, Jose A. M.SANTOS, Raul D.NASIR, Khurram
Citation: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY, v.61, n.10, suppl.S, p.E1331-E1331, 2013
Abstract: Background Serum gamma-Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) is a marker of increased oxidative stress and recent evidence suggest it is independently associated with CVD events. In this study, we examined the association of high GGT levels with burden of subclinical vascular inflammation. Methods We evaluated 6,464 healthy non diabetic Brazilian subjects (43±10 years, 79% males). High sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) was measured as marker of underlying vascular inflammation. We excluded 945 (14%) individuals with missing hs-CRP levels. Results Overall 1,062/5,519 (19%) had hs-CRP≥3 mg/dl. Increasing prevalence of elevated hs-CRP was noted with increasing GGT quartiles (1st: 14%, 2nd: 17%, 3rd: 22%, 4th: 24%, p<0.001). As shown in table, increasing quartiles of GGT levels were associated with 2.6-3.7 fold higher odds of high hs-CRP in demographic adjusted analysis; the results remained robust after accounting for risk factors. The OR for elevated hs-CRP (≥3 mg/dl) in those with GGT in 4th quartile vs 1st quartile was 3.67 (1.89-7.14) and 3.03 (2.34-3.91) for those with & without MS, respectively. Conclusion In our cohort of asymptomatic individuals a higher serum GGT level was independently associated with increased burden of subclinical vascular inflammation and the relationship was robust across MS status. These findings may explain GGT association with increased CVD risk.
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