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Title: Adhesion molecules in primary oral mucosal melanoma: Study of integrins, claudins and immunoglobulins in a series of 35 cases
Citation: VIRCHOWS ARCHIV, v.461, suppl.1, p.S152-S153, 2012
Abstract: Objective: Primary oral mucosal melanoma is a rare and aggressive tumor. Recent studies have reported a correlation between increased tumor invasion and metastatic phenotype with an altered expression of adhesion molecules profiles. The present study analyzed the expression of integrins, claudins and immunoglobulins in oral mucosal melanomas and correlated results with clinical features of patients. Method: Immunohistochemistry against these molecules was performed in thirty-five cases of primary oral mucosal melanomas organized into “tissue microarray ”and the results were related to clinical and histological features of patients. Results: Some subunits of integrins presented down-regulation and this was associated with vascular invasion. Increased expression of integrin beta3 and immunoglobulin CD166 (ALCAM) was statistically associated with cases with extensive vascular invasion (p <0,05). Lower expression of the immunoglobulin CD54 (ICAM) was associated with cases with extensive necrosis. Most cases with metastasis were negative for immunoglobulin CD66 (CEACAM). Several subunits of claudins showed down-regulation in the cases analyzed, and, although not statistically significant, it showed to be partially related with histological factors of poor prognosis. Conclusion: Altered patterns of adhesion molecules, mainly integrins and immunoglobulin seem to participate in the pathogenesis and outcome of oral mucosal melanomas.
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