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Título: Effect of BPP-10c in angiogenic factor expression at the placental villous in preeclampsia
Citación: PLACENTA, v.34, n.2, p.A75-A75, 2013
Resumen: Background: BPP-10c is the snake proline-rich oligopeptides, known as bradykinin-potentiating peptide found in Bothrops jararaca. This decapeptide leads to argininosuccinate synthetase activation, consequently sustaining increased nitric oxide production, a critical endogenous molecule to reduce the arterial blood pressure. Angiogenic factor is implicated in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia. We aimed to analyze the effects of BPP-10c in gene expression of angiogenic factor in human chorionic villi explant. Methods: Placentae were collected at delivery from normotensive (NP) and preeclamptic pregnancies (PE). Placental villous explant were cultivated by 24 h with BPP-10c. RNA was extracted and VEGF, PlGF, VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 expression were analyzed by RT-PCR. Results: Compared to expression from NP, PlGF was reduced in PE and VEGF and its receptor were increased in PE. Villous explants BPP-10c-treated from PE exhibited expression of PlGF higher than NP. Discussion: These preliminary results suggest that the BPP-10c could be related with increased angiogenic factor involved in pathophysiology of PE.
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