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Title: Lithium Increases Mitochondrial Complex I Activity in Bipolar Disorder
Authors: SOUSA, Rafael T. deZANETTI, Marcus V.FERREIRA, Gabriela K.GATTAZ, Wagner F.MACHADO-VIEIRA, RodrigoSTRECK, Emlio L.
Citation: BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY, v.73, n.9, suppl.S, p.154S-155S, 2013
Abstract: Background: Evidences have directly involved a role for mitochondrial dysfunction and altered oxidative stress parameters in the pathophysiology of Bipolar Disorder (BD). In BD post-mortem brains, oxidative damage, impaired mitochondrial complex I activity and decreased expression of genes encoding mitochondrial complexes subunits, especially complex I, have been shown. Lithium treatment in BD showed to reverse some pathological changes and was associated with increased expression of gene encoding complex I subunit in post-mortem brain tissue. However, to our knowledge, lithium effects in mitochondrial complexes I-IV was not evaluated in clinical studies. Methods: Patients with BD in depressive episode (n=22) were treated with lithium for 6 weeks. Benzodiazepine or zolpidem use as needed to induce sleep was allowed and 3 patients had also other drugs associated with lithium. Age-matched healthy controls (n=23) were recruited for comparisons. Complex I-IV activities in leukocytes were evaluated before and after lithium treatment in BD subjects and healthy controls. Activities of complexes were measured spectrophotometrically. Results: Complex I activity increased from baseline to endpoint (Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test, z=-2.0, p=0.046). Complexes II-IV activities at baseline and endpoint were not significantly different. Also, complexes I-IV activities did not differ between patients with BD and healthy controls. Conclusions: Lithium therapeutic and antioxidant effect in BD may be involved with increase in complex I activity
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