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Title: Mitochondrial DNA Content in Bipolar Disorder
Authors: SOUSA, Rafael T. deZANETTI, Marcus V.UNO, MiyukiGATTAZ, Wagner F.MARIE, Suely K. N.MACHADO-VIEIRA, Rodrigo
Citation: BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY, v.73, n.9, suppl.S, p.262S-262S, 2013
Abstract: Background: Consistent evidences support the role for mitochondrial dysfunction in Bipolar Disorder (BD) pathophysiology. Also, BD is associated with clinical and neuropsychiatric conditions which show any mitochondrial compromise, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer’s disease, illnesses that showed altered mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) content. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) content has been proposed as a biomarker in several clinical conditions. The present study evaluates mtDNA content in patients with bipolar depression, comparing to healthy controls. Methods: BD patients in a depressive episode (n=23) (≥18 in the 21-item Hamilton Depression Scale) and no more than 5 years of mood disorder diagnosis entered the study. Patients were drug free for at least 4 weeks before inclusion. mtDNA copy number in patients was compared with healthy controls (n=24). Correlation between depressive symptoms and mtDNA copy number was calculated. mtDNA copy number (per cell) in leukocytes of patients and controls was determined by real time-PCR. Results: mtDNA copy number showed no significant difference between patients and controls (ANCOVA, F=0.56; df=1, 47; p=0.46). Also, no significant correlation was found between depressive symptoms and mtDNA content (Spearman, r=0.28, p=0.19). Conclusions: To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study evaluating mtDNA content in BD. The results suggest that mtDNA is not altered in depressive episodes of recent-onset BD
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