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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Long-term analysis of left ventricular ejection fraction in patients with stable multivessel coronary disease undergoing medicine, angioplasty or surgery: 10-year follow-up of the MASS II trialGARZILLO, Cibele Larrosa; HUEB, Whady; GERSH, Bernard J.; LIMA, Eduardo Gomes; REZENDE, Paulo Cury; HUEB, Alexandre Ciappina; VIEIRA, Ricardo D'Oliveira; FAVARATO, Desiderio; PEREIRA, Alexandre Costa; SOARES, Paulo Rogerio; SERRANO JR., Carlos Vicente; RAMIRES, Jose Antonio Franchini; KALIL FILHO, Roberto
2017Extracellular volume fraction for the assessment of myocardial fibrosis in patients with low-flow and low-gradient aortic stenosis with low ejection fractionROSA, V. Emer Egypto; SAMPAIO, R. O.; RIBEIRO, H. B.; SANTIS, A. S. A. L. De; FERNANDES, J. R. C.; ACCORSI, T. A. D.; ROSA, M. E. E.; VIEIRA, M. L. C.; MORAIS, T. C.; BELLO, J. H. S. M.; MATHIAS JR., W.; ROCHITTE, C. E.; POMERANTZEFF, P. M. A.; TARASOUCTHI, F.
2017Acute coronary syndrome with normal coronary arteries: the value of cardiac magnetic resonance in changes of diagnosis and treatmentSOEIRO, A.; NAKAMURA, D.; BISELLI, B.; LEAL, T. C. A. T.; CESAR, M. C.; BOSSA, A. S.; SOEIRO, M. C. F. A.; SERRANO JR., C. V.; OLIVEIRA JR., M. T.
2016Influence of O2 consumption upon cerebral function during operational memory task in red wine drinkers and abstainers subjected to exercise training: a study by functional magnetic resonanceNISHIYAMA, M.; CAMPANE, L. Z.; NUCCI, M. P.; LAURINDO, F. R. M.; FAVARATO, D.; ZUBEN, M. Von; ROCHA, J. P.; TROMBETTA, I. C.; RONDON, E.; GATTAZ, W. F.; NEGRAO, C. E.; AMARO JR., E.; LUZ, P. L. Da
2017Comparison of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I and T for the prediction of cardiac complications after non-cardiac surgeryGUALANDRO, D. M.; PUELACHER, C.; LURATI-BUSE, G.; STRUNZ, C.; CARDOZO, F. A.; YU, P. C.; JAFFE, A.; TWERENBOLD, R.; HAMMERER-LERCHER, A.; MELO, E. S.; CALDERARO, D.; DUARTE, A. J. S.; LUCCIA, N.; CARAMELLI, B.; MUELLER, C.
2014Advanced heart failure support: a new teaching methodologyCANESIN, M. F.; OLIVEIRA JR., M. T.; BARRETTO, A. C. P.; NAZIMA, W. I.; GUALANDRO, D. M.; MAGALHAES, C.; FERREIRA, J. F.; FERREIRA, D.; CARDOSO, J. C. S.
2015Predictors of acute heart failure after vascular surgeryGUALANDRO, D. M.; MARCONDES-BRAGA, F. G.; YU, P. C.; CARDOZO, F. A. M.; LLOBET, G. B.; CALDERARO, D.; MELO, E. S.; CASELLA, I. B.; LUCCIA, N.; CARAMELLI, B.
2013Release of biomarkers compared with cardiac magnetic resonance for the diagnosis of procedure-related myocardial injury. A prospective trial using the third definition of myocardial infarctionCOSTA, L. M. A.; HUEB, W.; MELO, R. M. V.; OIKAWA, F. T. C.; REZENDE, P. C.; NOMURA, C. H.; VILLA, A. V.; STRUNZ, C. M.; RAMIRES, J. A. F.; KALIL FILHO, R.
2013Effect of macitentan on haemodynamics in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension: results from the long-term, randomised, placebo-controlled SERAPHIN trialTORBICKI, A.; MEHTA, S.; PERCHENET, L.; PULIDO, T.; SASTRY, B. K. S.; SITBON, O.; SOUZA, R.; RUBIN, L. J.; SIMONNEAU, G.
2013Comparison between off-pump and on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with severe lesions at the circumflex artery territory: 5-year follow-up of the MASS III trialMELO, R. M. V.; HUEB, W.; REZENDE, P. C.; GARZILLO, C. L.; LIMA, E. G.; OIKAWA, F. T. C.; COSTA, L. M. A.; HUEB, T. O.; RAMIRES, J. A. F.; KALIL FILHO, R.