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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Drenagem pleuralTERRA, Ricardo Mingarini; JATENE, Fabio Biscegli
2011Schistosomiasis and pulmonary hypertensionDOS, Caio Julio Cesar; FERNANDES, Santos; JARDIM, Carlos Viana Poyares; HOVNANIAN, Andre; HOETTE, Susana; MORINAGA, Luciana Kato; SOUZA, Rogerio
2011Improvements in the 6-Min Walk Test and Spirometry Following Thoracentesis for Symptomatic Pleural EffusionsCARTAXO, Ana Maria; VARGAS, Francisco S.; SALGE, Joao Marcos; MARCONDES, Bianca F.; GENOFRE, Eduardo H.; ANTONANGELO, Leila; MARCHI, Evaldo; TEIXEIRA, Lisete R.
2011Images in Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine and the Sciences Diffuse Micronodules with Spontaneous ResolutionKAIRALLA, Ronaldo; KAWANO-DOURADO, Leticia; BALDI, Bruno; CARVALHO, Carlos
2011The epidemiology of acute respiratory failure in hospitalized patients: A Brazilian prospective cohort studyFRANCA, Suelene Aires; TOUFEN JUNIOR, Carlos; HOVNANIAN, Andre Luiz D.; ALBUQUERQUE, Andre Luis P.; BORGES, Eduardo R.; PIZZO, Vladimir R. P.; CARVALHO, Carlos Roberto Ribeiro
2014Macitentan Reduced All-Cause Hospitalizations In Patients With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Data From The Randomized Controlled Seraphin TrialMEHTA, S.; DELCROIX, M.; GALIE, N.; GHOFRANI, H. A.; JANSA, P.; BRUN, F. O. Le; PERCHENET, L.; PULIDO, T.; RUBIN, L. J.; SASTRY, B.; SIMONNEAU, G.; SITBON, O.; SOUZA, R.; TORBICKI, A.; CHANNICK, R. N.
2014Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Newly Diagnosed, Treatment Naive Precapillary Pulmonary HypertensionHOETTE, S.; CREUZE, N.; MONTANI, D.; GUNTHER, S.; TERNACLE, J.; SIMONNEAU, G.; SOUZA, R.; HUMBERT, M.; CHEMLA, D.
2014Right Ventricular Function Is Related To Resistive Rather Than To Elastic Pulmonary Arterial Properties In Precapillary Pulmonary Hypertension: A Cmr StudyCREUZE, N.; HOETTE, S.; MONTANI, D.; GUNTHER, S.; GIRED, B.; SIMONNEAU, G.; SOUZA, R.; HUMBERT, M. J. C.; CHEMLA, D.
2016Lung Resection Analysis From Brazilian Society of Thoracic Surgery DatabaseTERRA, Ricardo M.; TSUKAZAN, Maria Teresa Ruiz; FORTUNATO, Gustavo; CAMARGO, Spencer M.; LAURICELLA, Leticia; OLIVEIRA, Humberto A. De; PINTO, Darcy R.
2014Survival In A Brazilian Cohort Of Incident Pah PatientsALVES, J. L.; SOUZA, R.; GAVILANES, F.; JARDIM, C.; FERNANDES, C.; MORINAGA, L.; HOETTE, S.