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Título: Collagen V induces differentiation of rabbit adipose tissue-derived stem cells in chondrocyte-like phenotype
Citación: VIRCHOWS ARCHIV, v.461, suppl.1, p.S233-S233, 2012
Resumen: Objective: Stimulated mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have capacity of differentiation in many cell types. It is being used in degenerative diseases treatment protocols. We evaluated the collagen V (COL V) and collagen XI (COL XI) influence in the differentiation of rabbits adipose tissue-derived MSCs in a chondrocyte-like cell phenotype. Method: MSCs isolated of New Zealand rabbits adipose-tissue were maintained in culture by 4 weeks. COLV, COLXI and COLV/XI (10μg/ml) were added to culture during 72 h. The cells aggregates were stained with Toluidine blue, Alcian blue and Picrosirius. Chondrocyte-like phenotype was confirmed by immunofluorescence to CD34, vimentin and collagens I, II and III. Results: MSCs stimulated with COLV expressed proteoglicans and collagen, when compared with COLXI and COLV/XI and control. In the presence of COLV, MSCs was capable to increase collagen II expression confirming its chondro-cyte-like cell phenotype. In contrast, MSCs cultured with COLXI and COLV/XI express collagen I and III. Conclusion: The data suggest that COLV may facilitate the differentiation of rabbit adipose tissue-derived stem cells into a chondrocyte-like phenotype. Further studies are urged in order to evaluate the influence of COLV in the ability of chondrocytes to remodel osteoarthritic joint surface at ultrastructural and molecular levels.
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