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Authors: RANGEL, Maristela P.SA, Vanessa K. DeMARTINS, Joao Roberto M.CUENTAS, Edwin Roger P.TAKAGAKI, TerezaFILHO, Adhemar L.REIS, RuiNADER, HelenaCAPELOZZI, Vera L.
Citation: JOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY, v.7, n.7, p.S111-S112, 2012
Abstract: Background: Hyaluronic Acid (HA) concentration is elevated in several cancers, but there is no data regarding its concentration in the sputum of lung cancer patients.In this study, we examined the HA concentrations in the tissue and in the sputum of lung cancer patients and its impact on the screening and diagnosis of the disease. Methods: HA was examined in 45 paired tissues samples and sputum samples were collected from 90 lung cancer patients. Twenty five COPD patients were selected to compose a high risk group and 15 healthy volunteers were analysed as controls. All the patients and controls underwent a sputum induction. Sputum samples were incubated with urea 7M and tissue samples were dehydrated with acetone prior to analysis. Afterwards both were incubated with a proteolytic enzyme. The levels of HA were measured by a noncompetitive ELISA-like fluorometric assay. Results and Conclusion: A significant different concentration pattern of HA in the tissues was found between tumoral and non-tumoral samples (p<0.001). Equally significant was the difference found in the sputum among lung cancer, COPD and healthy individuals (p<0.001 Fig1A). When comparing the groups separately, a difference was found between sputum HA from LC vs.healthy volunteers (p<0.001) and LC vs.COPD patients (p=0.002). ROC curve between LC and healthy volunteers furnished an area of 0.821. Assuming a cut off value of 31,44ng/mg, the specificity was 100% and the sensitivity was 51% (Fig1B). ROC curve to distinguish COPD patients from LC patients showed an area of 0.698 and the cut off value of 48.3ng/mg presented 100% of specificity and 33% of sensitivity.
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