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Title: Microarray Analysis of IgE Reactivity in Patients with Asthma and/or Rhinitis Allergic to Cockroach and Mites: Clinical Application
Citation: JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, v.129, n.2, suppl.S, p.AB166-AB166, 2012
Abstract: RATIONALE: Microarray technology may improve diagnosis of allergy by making it possible to identify disease-causing allergens. We sought to investigate the IgE reactivity profiles in a panel of patients allergic to cockroach and mites by microarray. METHODS: Fifty-one patients with asthma and/or rhinitis, aged 12 to 75years-old, were selected based on presence of positive skin tests to cockroach and mites. ISAC was carried out and IgEprofiles were analyzed. RESULTS: IgE reactivity to mite allergens Der p 1,Der p 2,Der f 1,Der f 2,Eur m 2 and Der p 10(mite tropomyosin) was 71%,75%,71%,75%,41% and 51%, respectively. IgE to Bla g 1, Bla g 2 and Bla g 4 was observed in 1 patient each (2%), and to Bla g 5 in two patients (4%). On the other hand, IgE to Bla g 7(cockroach tropomyosin) was found in 26/51 (51%) of the patients. Sensitization to tropomyosin from shrimp and Anysakis simplex was observed in 47% and 53% of the patients, respectively. IgE to cat, bee venom,sesame and grass pollen was foundin10%-20%of the patients; IgE to all other allergens was detected in less than 10% of the patients. No IgE reactivity was detected in 8/9 non-allergic control individuals; only one had detectable IgE to Ole e 2. CONCLUSIONS: Microarray analysis was helpful to define IgE reactivity profiles. More that 70% of our patients showed reactivity to the major group 1 and 2 allergens. The results confirmed that tropomyosin is a major pan-allergen among patients with asthma and/or rhinitis in Brazil.
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