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Title: Continuing education program in hemophilia: Touching base by getting all professionals together
Authors: SHCAIRA, V. R. LimaVILLACA, P. R.ANTUNES, S. V.PAULA, E. Vinicius DeOZELO, M. De CastroOLIVEIRA, M. H. Cerqueira Fernades DeSILVA, T. Haubrichs De Freitas ESILVA, J. Bosso Jose DaCASSIS, F.WOLFF, A. L. PersekeMATTA, M. Aparecida PiccolotoPACHECO, L. Da Rocha LouresGOMES, T. De MoraisGONCALVES, M. P. SouzaSOUZA, R. Vieira DeVRABIC, A. C. AcerbiSANDOVAL, E. P. NobreMONTALVAO, S. Aparecida De LimaRUBIA, T.CORREA, M. E. Pizzigatti
Citation: HAEMOPHILIA, v.18, suppl.3, Special Issue, p.56-57, 2012
Abstract: Brazil is the largest South American country, and there are approximately 12,000 patients with inherited bleeding disorders registered. Due to the sociocultural diversity of the country, continuing education programs are fundamental in improving patients quality of life by increasing the number of professionals involved in the patients care. In 2009 a multidisciplinary program in continuing education was organized to promote the unique experience of professionals involved in hemophilia care getting together and discussing it, facing the characteristics of each region of the country. A joint committee of hematologists, orthopedics, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, laboratory technicians, and dentists was organized. The Brazilian Federation of Haemophilia and Novo Nordisk Brazil supported the project. Professionals from each region of the country were selected to attend the meeting. They were divided by area of speciality for particular discussions of related topics. After that, all the professionals got together for discussion of a prepared clinical case, simulating the day-by-day clinical multiprofessional approach. Since 2009, 300 professionals of all correlated areas have participated in the project. From this group, 25 dentists attended the meeting and contributed to the development of 2 educational materials, one designed for professionals and one for patients. For the professionals, the material was made according to Brazilian Manual of Dental Care for Patients with Hereditary Coagulopathies. For the patients, it focused on simple every-day questions, and it was addressed to parents of children under 2 years old, to teenagers, and to other to adults. This material was distributed in all hemophilia treatment centres in the country. The objective of this work was to demonstrate the feasibility of organizing a multidisciplinary educational program in hemophilia care and to present its results. Supported by Novo Nordisk Brazil.
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