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Title: Mental Disorders Among Obese Patients Seeking Bariatric Surgery
Citation: OBESITY SURGERY, v.23, n.8, p.1111-1112, 2013
Abstract: Background: Obesity and mental disorders are burdensome health problems commonly observed in general population and clinical samples. However, non-standardized assessment and small size of the sample might hamper conclusions of the investigations. Objective : To estimate, through standardized interview, the frequency of mental disorders and correlated factors among obese patients seeking bariatric surgery. Design: Cross-sectional Methods: The sample was composed by 393 treatment-seeking obese patients (79.1% women; mean age 43.0 years, mean BMI: 47.8 kg/m 2 ), who were recruited from a university-based bariatric center. Trained clinicians assessed the participants through Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Diagnosis (SCID-I). Results: The rate of current frequency of any mental disorders was 57.8% (57.6% men vs. 58.5% women). Anxiety disorders were the most frequent diagnosis (46.3%) among those participants with current disorder. Age, educational level and global functioning were associated with the likelihood of presenting current mental disorders. The lifetime rate of any mental disorders was 80.9% (81.7 men vs. 80.7% women). Lifetime affective disorders were the most frequent diagnosis (total 64.9%, bipolar disorders 35.6%, and depressive disorders 29.3%). Among those respondents presenting any lifetime mental disorders, about half of the sample presented 3 or more concurrent disorders Conclusions: Mental disorders are frequent conditions among obese patients before bariatric surgery. High rates of mental disorders suggest both disorders might exert mutual causal relationships or share common etiological factors. Prognostic implications of mental disorders on surgery outcome should be demonstrated in follow-up study.
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