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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Factors Associated with Self-Reported Difficulty with Antiretrovial Therapy in Brazil: Gender Differences.ALMEIDA, C. C.; CECCATO, M. D. G. B.; NEMES, M. I. B.; GUIMARAES, M. D. C.; ACURCIO, F. A.
2015Self-Reported Diabetes in Elderly: Comparison of Prevalences, Control Measures and Health Promotion Practices, Sao Paulo-Brazil.STOPA, S. R.; CESAR, C.; SEGRI, N.; GOLDBAUM, M.; GUIMARAES, V.; BARROS, M.
2015Evaluation of Primary Care Services in Sao Paulo State, Brazil.CASTANHEIRA, E. R. L.; ANDRADE, M. C.; ZARILI, T. F. T.; SANINE, P. R.; CARRAPATO, J. L.; NEMES, M. I. B.
2015Social Inequalities and Preventive Practices among Women in Sao Paulo/Brazil.SEGRI, N.; CESAR, C.; FRANCISCO, P.; ALVES, C.; BARROS, M.; GOLDBAUM, M.
2015Hospitalization Trends among Adults with Hypertension and Diabetes: Population-Based Health Surveys-Sao Paulo, Brazil.STOPA, S. R.; MONTEIRO, C.; SEGRI, N.; GIANINI, R.; GOLDBAUM, M.; BARROS, M.; CESAR, C.
2015Health Services Utilization to Immunization against Influenza and Pneumonia in Diabetic Population, Sao Paulo-Brazil.MONTEIRO, C.; STOPA, S. R.; SEGRI, N.; GIANINI, R.; BARROS, M.; CESAR, C.; GOLDBAUM, M.
2015Changes in Quality Indicators Relating to Organization of Primary Care Services between 2007 and 2010 in Sao Paulo State, Brazil.ZARILI, T. F. T.; CASTANHEIRA, E. R. L.; DIAS, A.; ROCHA, S. Alves; NUNES, L. O.; NEMES, M. I. B.
2015Antiretroviral Therapy at Public Health Care Facilities in Brazil: HIV/AIDS Cohort-Brazil.ESCUDER, M. M. L.; GRANGEIRO, A. M.; CASSENOTE, A. J. F.; KALICHMAN, A. O.; SOUZA, R. A.; TUPINAMBA, U.; VELOSO, V.; BARCELLOS, N.; GRINSZTEJN, B.; CASTILHO, E. A.
2015Effect of Socioeconomic Vulnerability, Family Structure Patterns and Non-Acceptance of Pregnancy on Preterm Birth: A Structural Equation Model. Londrina, Brazil.OLIVEIRA, A.; ALENCAR, G. P.; ASSUNCAO, P. L.; SILVA, A. M. Rigo; NOVAES, H. M.; ALMEIDA, M. F.
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