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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Prevalence of General and Abdominal Obesity and its Association with Socioeconomic Variables in Brazilian Adolescents from Low-Income Region.FERREIRA, M. V. N.; MORAES, A. C. F. de; CARVALHO, H. B.; MORENO, L. A.; REIS, V. M. M. dos; TORRES-LEAL, F. L.
2015Does Beverage Type and Drinking Context Matter in an Alcohol-Related Injury? Evidence from Emergency Department Patients in Latin America.ANDREUCCETTI, G.; CARVALHO, H. B.; YE, Y.; BOND, J.; MONTEIRO, M.; BORGES, G.; CHERPITEL, C. J.
2015Attenuation of the Effect of the MTHFR and NOS3 Polymorphism on Blood Pressure by Physical Activity in European Adolescents. The HELENA StudyMORAES, A. C. F. de; FERNANDEZ-ALVIRA, J. M.; CARVALHO, H. B.; MEIRHAEGHE-HUREZ, A.; DALLONGEVILLE, J.; KAFATOS, A.; MOLNAR, D.; MANIOS, Y.; LABAYEN, I.; RUIZ, J. R.; WIDHALM, K.; BREIDENASSEL, C.; GONZALEZ-GROSS, M.; MORENO, L. A.
2015Low Educational Level is Associated with Advanced Cancer Stage in Brazil.RIBEIRO, K.; ELUF NETO, J.; LUIZAGA, C.; LOMBARDO, V.; LEITE, V.
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