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Authors: HELITO, Camilo PartezaniAMARAL JUNIOR, Carlos doCAMARGO, Danilo BordiniBONADIO, Marcelo BatistaPECORA, Jose RicardoDEMANGE, Marco Kawamura
Citation: ACTA ORTOPEDICA BRASILEIRA, v.27, n.4, p.202-206, 2019
Abstract: Objective: To assess the knowledge and technical preferences of Brazilian knee surgeons in relation to the treatment of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries using intra-articular reconstruction in combination with extra-articular reconstruction. Methods: A questionnaire consisting of 16 questions about intra-articular ACL reconstruction in combination with extra-articular procedures and about the Anterolateral Ligament (ALL) was applied at the 48th Brazilian Congress of Orthopedics. Results: One hundred thirty-seven surgeons answered the questionnaire. Most surgeons perform 10-30 ACL reconstructions per year, with the transtibial technique appearing as the most common. Most surgeons find some percentage of residual pivot-shift after reconstructions, but the minority performs extra-articular procedures on a routine basis. The main indications for extra-articular reconstruction are revision and profuse pivot-shift cases. Most surgeons consider the ALL a true ligament, but 46.7% with less biomechanical importance and 32.3% with greater importance in knee stability. However, 91.4% had a positive perception of the reconstruction of this structure. Conclusion: Although the preferred technique is still the transtibial procedure, combined anatomical reconstructions already make up more than 50% of cases. Extra-articular reconstructions associated with the ACL are still performed by the minority of Brazilian surgeons, but 91.4% of them report having had a positive perception with their reconstruction.
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