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Title: Management of quadrigeminal arachnoid cyst associated with obstructive hydrocephalus: report on stereotactic ventricular-cystic stenting
Authors: LAVIV, YosefNETO, SergioKASPER, Ekkehard M.
Citation: BRITISH JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY, v.33, n.4, p.418-421, 2019
Abstract: Quadrigeminal arachnoid cysts (QAC) are usually accompanied by a symptomatic obstructive hydrocephalus. Several endoscopic and surgical treatments exist; however, the critical location of these cysts further complicates treatment and usually more than one procedure is required. In this report, a 31 year old female with QAC and associated obstructive hydrocephalus was successfully treated with stereotactic placement of a permanent ventricular - cystic stent (intraventricualr - cystic catheterization) in single - session. Intraventricular - cystic stenting provides a long lasting communication between these two compartments, allowing persistent ""physiologic"" solution to this challenging condition.
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