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Título: A Provenance Model Based on Declarative Specifications for Intensive Data Analyses in Hemotherapy Information Systems
Autor(es): ALMEIDA, Fernanda NascimentoTUNES, GiselaSABINO, Ester CerdeiraMENDRONE-JUNIOR, AlfredoFERREIRA, Joao Eduardo
Resumo: In the donation process, blood donors are screened for the level of hemoglobin or hematocrit in order to protect them from developing anemia. Nevertheless, there is no standard procedure to predict anemia development after blood donation. The Sao Paulo Blood Center is responsible for maintaining a database with information on each donation. However, this database doesn't have a good quality and consequently it is difficult to establish systematic analysis using the donation database without previous data validations. In order to provide a better quality of donation data, this paper presents a provenance description based on a classification criteria defined by specialists. More concretely, this paper answers the follow main question: is there a connection between blood donation and decrease in hematocrit level in order to prevent undesirable outcomes to blood donors? In this paper we show that it is possible to provide detailed investigations in order to answer this main question using the data description without the need to impose changes in the current database system structures that is sponsored by Sao Paulo Blood Center.
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