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Title: Levels of Polonium-210 in brain and pulmonary tissues: Preliminary study in autopsies conducted in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Authors: SANTOS, Nathalia Villa dosVIEIRA, Carolina Leticia ZilliSALDIVA, Paulo Hilario NascimentoMAZZILLI, Barbara PaciSAIKI, MitikoSAUEIA, Catia HeloisaANDRE, Carmen Diva Saldiva DeJUSTO, Lisie TocciNISTI, Marcelo BessaKOUTRAKIS, Petros
Citation: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.10, n.1, article ID 180, 7p, 2020
Abstract: The accumulation of detectable amounts of radon progeny in human tissues may be a risk factor for development and progression of chronic diseases. In this preliminary study, we analyzed the levels of alpha-emitting radon progeny Polonium-210 (Po-210) in the olfactory epithelium, olfactory bulb, frontal lobe, and lung tissues in cadavers from the city of Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. We also assessed the association between Po-210 levels and exposure parameters for urban air pollution using linear regression models adjusted for age, sex, smoke, time living in Sao Paulo, daily commuting, socioeconomic index, and anthracosis (traffic-related black carbon accumulation in the pleural region and in lymph). Our findings show that the concentration of Po-210 was associated with anthracosis in lungs of non-smokers (coefficient=6.0; standard error=2.9; p=0.04). Individuals with lower socioeconomic status also had significantly higher Po-210 levels in lungs (coefficient=-1.19; standard error=0.58; p=0.042). The olfactory bulb had higher Po-210 levels than either olfactory epithelium (p=0.071), frontal lobe (p<0.001), or lungs (p=0.037). Our findings of the deposition of Po-210 in autopsy tissues suggest that airborne radionuclides may contribute to the development of chronic diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases.
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