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Title: C-4 and crassulacean acid metabolism within a single leaf: deciphering key components behind a rare photosynthetic adaptation
Authors: FERRARI, Renata C.BITTENCOURT, Priscila P.RODRIGUES, Maria A.MORENO-VILLENA, Jose J.ALVES, Frederico R. R.GASTALDI, Vinicius D.BOXALL, Susanna F.DEVER, Louisa V.DEMARCO, DiegoANDRADE, Sonia C. S.EDWARDS, Erika J.HARTWELL, JamesFRESCHI, Luciano
Citation: NEW PHYTOLOGIST, v.225, n.4, p.1699-1714, 2020
Abstract: Although biochemically related, C-4 and crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) systems are expected to be incompatible. However, Portulaca species, including P. oleracea, operate C-4 and CAM within a single leaf, and the mechanisms behind this unique photosynthetic arrangement remain largely unknown. Here, we employed RNA-seq to identify candidate genes involved exclusively or shared by C-4 or CAM, and provided an in-depth characterization of their transcript abundance patterns during the drought-induced photosynthetic transitions in P. oleracea. Data revealed fewer candidate CAM-specific genes than those recruited to function in C-4. The putative CAM-specific genes were predominantly involved in night-time primary carboxylation reactions and malate movement across the tonoplast. Analysis of gene transcript-abundance regulation and photosynthetic physiology indicated that C-4 and CAM coexist within a single P. oleracea leaf under mild drought conditions. Developmental and environmental cues were shown to regulate CAM expression in stems, whereas the shift from C-4 to C-4-CAM hybrid photosynthesis in leaves was strictly under environmental control. Moreover, efficient starch turnover was identified as part of the metabolic adjustments required for CAM operation in both organs. These findings provide insights into C-4/CAM connectivity and compatibility, contributing to a deeper understanding of alternative ways to engineer CAM into C-4 crop species.
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