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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Evidence and characteristics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)-based interventions for insomnia: A systematic review of randomized and non-randomized trialsPAULOS-GUARNIERI, Leo; LINARES, Ila Marques Porto; RAFIHI-FERREIRA, Renatha El
2022Carotid intima-media thickness and flow-mediated dilation do not predict acute in-hospital outcomes in patients hospitalized with COVID-19CRISTINA-OLIVEIRA, Michelle; MEIRELES, Kamila; GIL, Saulo; ASSIS, Fabio Cavalcante; GEBER-JUNIOR, Joao Carlos; SHINJO, Samuel Katsuyuki; SOUZA, Heraldo Possolo de; SANTANA, Alfredo Nicodemos Cruz; SWINTON, Paul A.; DRAGER, Luciano F.; GUALANO, Bruno; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; PECANHA, Tiago
2022Distribution of leptin receptors in the brain stem: possible route in the pathophysiology of neuromuscular control of airway resistance during sleepMARTINS, Maira Garcia; MAGLIARELLI FILHO, Pedro Augusto; MARIE, Suely Kazue Nagahashi; SENNES, Luiz Ubirajara
2022Insomnia episodes, new-onset pharmacological treatments, and other sleep disturbances during the COVID-19 pandemic: a nationwide cross-sectional study in Brazilian health care professionalsDRAGER, Luciano F.; V, Daniela Pachito; MORENO, Claudia R. C.; TAVARES, Almir R.; CONWAY, Silvia G.; ASSIS, Marcia; SGUILLAR, Danilo A.; MOREIRA, Gustavo A.; BACELAR, Andrea; GENTA, Pedro R.
2022Sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation: the spell of Groundhog DayLORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; GENTA, Pedro R.
2022Effects of exercise training on brain metabolism and cognitive functioning in sleep apneaUENO-PARDI, Linda M.; SOUZA-DURAN, Fabio L.; MATHEUS, Larissa; RODRIGUES, Amanda G.; BARBOSA, Eline R. F.; CUNHA, Paulo J.; CARNEIRO, Camila G.; COSTA, Naomi A.; ONO, Carla R.; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos A.; NEGRAO, Carlos E.; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; BUSATTO-FILHO, Geraldo
2022If Oral Breathing Does Not Determine Mask Choice for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Delivery, What Does? ReplyXAVIER, Jeane Lima de Andrade; WEAVER, Fernanda Madeiro Leite Viana; LAGO, George; FERNANDES, Paulo Henrique Sousa; GENTA, Pedro R.; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo
2022Fears in preschoolers: translation, reliability, and validity of the Fear Survey Schedule for Infant-Preschoolers (FSSIP) - Brazilian versionROCHA, Marina da; OLLENDICK, Thomas; ALCKMIN-CARVALHO, Felipe; CAMPOS, Livia; ASBAHR, Fernando; RAFIHI-FERREIRA, Renatha El
2022Validation of an overnight wireless high-resolution oximeter for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea at homeHASAN, Rosa; GENTA, Pedro Rodrigues; PINHEIRO, George do Lago; GARCIA, Michelle Louvaes; SCUDELLER, Paula Gobi; CARVALHO, Carlos Roberto Ribeiro de; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo
2022Obstructive sleep apnea and its management in patients with atrial fibrillation: An International Collaboration of Sleep Apnea Cardiovascular Trialists (INCOSACT) global survey of practicing cardiologistsFAULX, Michael D.; MEHRA, Reena; GEOVANINI, Glaucylara Reis; ANDO, Shin-ichi; ARZT, Michael; DRAGER, Luciano; FU, Michael; HOYOS, Camilla; HAI, Jo; HWANG, Juey-Jen; KARAOGUZ, Remzi; KIMOFF, John; LEE, Pei-Lin; MEDIANO, Olga; PATEL, Sanjay R.; PEKER, Yuksel; PEPIN, Jean Louis; SANCHEZ-DE-LA-TORRE, Manuel; SERIES, Frederic; STADLER, Stefan; STROLLO, Patrick; TAHRANI, A. A.; THUNSTROM, Erik; YAMAUCHI, Motoo; REDLINE, Susan; PHILLIPS, Craig L.