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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021COVID-19 pandemic impact on sleep habits, chronotype, and health-related quality of life among high school students: a longitudinal studyGENTA, Felipe Dias; RODRIGUES NETO, Guilherme Brito; SUNFELD, Joao Pedro Velletri; PORTO, Joao Fabio; XAVIER, Andressa Dallago; MORENO, Claudia R. C.; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; GENTA, Pedro Rodrigues
2019Temporal Association Between Respiratory Events and Reflux in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Laryngopharyngeal RefluxXAVIER, Sandra Doria; ECKLEY, Claudia Alessandra; DUPRAT, Andre Campos; FONTES, Luiz Henrique de Souza; NAVARRO-RODRIGUEZ, Tomas; PATROCINIO, Julio; TRIDENTE, Daniela; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo
2020Comparison of upper airway obstruction during zolpidem-induced sleep and propofol-induced sleep in patients with obstructive sleep apnea: a pilot studyORDONES, Alexandre Beraldo; GRAD, Gustavo Freitas; CAHALI, Michel Burihan; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; SENNES, Luiz Ubirajara; GENTA, Pedro Rodrigues
2020Discriminating the severity of pharyngeal collapsibility in men using anthropometric and polysomnographic indicesGENTA, Pedro R.; SCHORR, Fabiola; EDWARDS, Bradley A.; WELLMAN, Andrew; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo
2021CPAP increases physical activity in obstructive sleep apnea with cardiovascular diseaseSTEVENS, David; LOFFLER, Kelly A.; BUMAN, Matthew P.; DUNSTAN, David W.; LUO, Yuanming; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; BARBE, Ferran E.; ANDERSON, Craig S.; MCEVOY, R. Doug
2022Sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation: the spell of Groundhog DayLORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; GENTA, Pedro R.
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