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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Association between objective sleep measures and cognitive performance: a cross-sectional analysis in the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil) studySUEMOTO, Claudia K.; SANTOS, Ronaldo B.; GIATTI, Soraya; AIELO, Aline N.; SILVA, Wagner A.; PARISE, Barbara K.; CUNHA, Lorenna F.; SOUZA, Silvana P.; GRIEP, Rosane H.; BRUNONI, Andre R.; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; BENSENOR, Isabela M.; DRAGER, Luciano F.
2023Sleep irregularity and the association with hypertension and blood pressure levels: the ELSA-Brasil studyPARISE, Barbara K.; SANTOS, Ronaldo B.; MESAS, Arthur E.; SILVA, Wagner A.; GIATTI, Soraya; AIELO, Aline N.; CUNHA, Lorenna F.; SOUZA, Silvana P.; BORTOLOTTO, Luiz A.; GRIEP, Rosane H.; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; BENSENOR, Isabela M.; DRAGER, Luciano F.
2023Legal action for access to resources inefficiently made available in health care systems in Brazil: a case study on obstructive sleep apneaV, Daniela Pachito; FINKELSTEIN, Beny; ALBERTINI, Claudia; GASPAR, Antonio; PEREIRA, Carolina; VAZ, Paulo; ECKELI, Alan Luiz; DRAGER, Luciano F.
2023Adaptive servo-ventilation for central sleep apnea: What are the lessons learned?LORENZI-FILHO, G.; DRAGER, L. F.; BRADLEY, T. D.
2023The Cardiovascular Impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Women Current Knowledge and Future PerspectivesPARISE, Barbara K.; FERREIRA, Naira Lapi; DRAGER, Luciano F.
2023Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease at Community Clinics in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil: Results from the Epidemiological Information Study of CommunitiesFONSECA, Henrique Andrade R.; IZAR, Maria cristina O.; DRAGER, Luciano F.; PINTO, Ibraim M.; SARAIVA, Jose Francisco K.; FERREIRA, Joao Fernando Monteiro; AVEZUM, Alvaro; FONSECA, Francisco Antonio; BERWANGER, Otavio
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