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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Influence of obstructive sleep apnea on auditory event-related potentialsPEDRENO, Raquel Meirelles; MATSUMURA, Erika; SILVA, Liliane Aparecida Fagundes; SAMELLI, Alessandra Giannella; MAGLIARO, Fernanda Cristina Leite; SANCHES, Seisse Gabriela Gandolfi; LOBO, Ivone Ferreira Neves; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; CARVALLO, Renata Mota Mamede; MATAS, Carla Gentile
2022Economic evaluation of CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea: a scoping review and evidence mapPACHITO, Daniela V.; BAGATTINI, Angela M.; DRAGER, Luciano F.; ECKELI, Alan L.; ROCHA, Aline
2022Effect of CPAP treatment on BP in resistant hypertensive patients according to the BP dipping pattern and the presence of nocturnal hypertensionSAPINA-BELTRAN, Esther; BENITEZ, Ivan D.; TORRES, Gerard; FORTUNA-GUTIERREZ, Ana M.; MARQUEZ, Paola Ponte; MASA, Juan F.; DRAGER, Luciano F.; CABRINI, Mayara; FELEZ, Miquel; VAZQUEZ, Susana; ABAD, Jorge; LEE, Ch; GARCIA-RIO, Francisco; CASITAS, Raquel; MEDIANO, Olga; PERALTA, Sofia Romero; MARTINEZ, Dolores; SANCHEZ-DE-LA-TORRE, Manuel; BARBE, Ferran; DALMASES, Mireia
2022Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Oronasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Breathe Predominantly through the Nose during Natural SleepXAVIER, Jeane Lima de Andrade; WEAVER, Fernanda Madeiro Leite Viana; PINHEIRO, George Lago; FERNANDES, Paulo Henrique Sousa; GENTA, Pedro R.; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo
2022Carotid intima-media thickness and flow-mediated dilation do not predict acute in-hospital outcomes in patients hospitalized with COVID-19CRISTINA-OLIVEIRA, Michelle; MEIRELES, Kamila; GIL, Saulo; ASSIS, Fabio Cavalcante; GEBER-JUNIOR, Joao Carlos; SHINJO, Samuel Katsuyuki; SOUZA, Heraldo Possolo de; SANTANA, Alfredo Nicodemos Cruz; SWINTON, Paul A.; DRAGER, Luciano F.; GUALANO, Bruno; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; PECANHA, Tiago
2022Distribution of leptin receptors in the brain stem: possible route in the pathophysiology of neuromuscular control of airway resistance during sleepMARTINS, Maira Garcia; MAGLIARELLI FILHO, Pedro Augusto; MARIE, Suely Kazue Nagahashi; SENNES, Luiz Ubirajara
2022Insomnia episodes, new-onset pharmacological treatments, and other sleep disturbances during the COVID-19 pandemic: a nationwide cross-sectional study in Brazilian health care professionalsDRAGER, Luciano F.; V, Daniela Pachito; MORENO, Claudia R. C.; TAVARES, Almir R.; CONWAY, Silvia G.; ASSIS, Marcia; SGUILLAR, Danilo A.; MOREIRA, Gustavo A.; BACELAR, Andrea; GENTA, Pedro R.
2022Sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation: the spell of Groundhog DayLORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; GENTA, Pedro R.
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