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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Is Hypertension a Real Risk Factor for Poor Prognosis in the COVID-19 Pandemic?DRAGER, Luciano F.; PIO-ABREU, Andrea; LOPES, Renato D.; BORTOLOTTO, Luiz A.
2020Bariatric Surgery for Resistant Hypertension: Working in Progress!SCHIAVON, Carlos A.; PIO-ABREU, Andrea; DRAGER, Luciano F.
2020What Is the Most Common Cause of Secondary Hypertension?: An Interdisciplinary DiscussionALMEIDA, Madson Q.; SILVA, Giovanio V.; DRAGER, Luciano F.
2021A 25-Year Review of Nighttime Fears in Children: Past, Present, and FutureLEWIS, Krystal M.; RAFIHI-FERREIRA, Renatha El; FREITAG, Gabrielle F.; COFFMAN, Mary; OLLENDICK, Thomas H.
2022Economic evaluation of CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea: a scoping review and evidence mapPACHITO, Daniela V.; BAGATTINI, Angela M.; DRAGER, Luciano F.; ECKELI, Alan L.; ROCHA, Aline
2021Impact of CPAP on arterial stiffness in patients with obstructive sleep apnea: a meta-analysis of randomized trialsCHALEGRE, Sintya T.; LINS-FILHO, Ozeas L.; LUSTOSA, Thais C.; FRANCA, Marcus V.; COUTO, Tarcya L. G.; DRAGER, Luciano F.; LORENZI-FILHO, Geraldo; BITTENCOURT, Marcio S.; PEDROSA, Rodrigo P.
2021Obstructive sleep apnea and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring: current evidence and research gapsPIO-ABREU, Andrea; MORENO JR., Heitor; DRAGER, Luciano F.
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