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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Advances and challenges in pursuing biomarkers for obstructive sleep apnea: Implications for the cardiovascular risk ?LEBKUCHEN, Adriana; FREITAS, Lunara S.; CARDOZO, Karina H. M.; DRAGER, Luciano F.
2020Impact of hospitalization for checking medication adherence due to resistant and refractory hypertension suspicious on short and mid-term blood pressure controlPIO-ABREU, A.; TRANI-FERREIRA, F.; V, G. Silva; BORTOLOTTO, L. A.; DRAGER, L.
2019Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease presence and severity are associated with aortic stiffness beyond abdominal obesity: The ELSA-BrasilHARADA, Paulo H.; BENSENOR, Isabela J. M.; DRAGER, Luciano F.; GOULART, Alessandra C.; MILL, Jose G.; LOTUFO, Paulo A.
2019Effects of Bariatric Surgery in Patients With Hypertension: 3-Year Outcomes From the Randomized GATEWAY TrialSCHIAVON, Carlos A.; BHATT, Deepak L.; SANTUCCI, Eliana V.; OLIVEIRA, Juliana D.; SANTOS, Renato N.; DAMIANI, Lucas P.; MACHADO, Raquel H.; NOUJAIM, Patricia M.; HALPERN, Helio; MONTEIRO, Frederico L.; SOUSA, Marcio G.; AMODEO, Celso; BORTOLOTTO, Luiz; IKEOKA, Dimas T.; CAVALCANTI, Alexandre B.; BERWANGER, Otavio; DRAGER, Luciano F.
2021Active Assessment of Sleep and Depression for elderly Patients in the Outpatient Cardiology Setting: What Are We Waiting for?MARTINS, Ana Vitoria Vitoreti; DRAGER, Luciano F.
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