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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Reduction in Parasympathetic Tone During Sleep in Children With Habitual SnoringLOPES, Maria-Cecilia; SPRUYT, Karen; AZEVEDO-SOSTER, Leticia; ROSA, Agostinho; GUILLEMINAULT, Christian
2021Oscillatory Pattern of Sympathetic Nerve Bursts Is Associated With Baroreflex Function in Heart Failure Patients With Reduced Ejection FractionTOSCHI-DIAS, Edgar; MONTANO, Nicola; TOBALDINI, Eleonora; TREVIZAN, Patricia F.; V, Raphaela Groehs; ANTUNES-CORREA, Ligia M.; NOBRE, Thais S.; LOBO, Denise M.; SALES, Allan R. K.; UENO-PARDI, Linda M.; MATOS, Luciana D. N. J. de; OLIVEIRA, Patricia A.; BRAGA, Ana Maria F. W.; ALVES, Maria Janieire N. N.; NEGRAO, Carlos E.; RONDON, Maria Urbana P. B.
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